Coeur d'Fondo

2016-09-24 • Gran Fondo

229 Participants • 0 Women • 1 Men

Average Time: 07:04:19
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
1155Erik BEEGran Fondo11204:34:55.1
1140Justin WAGNERGran Fondo22304:40:14.0
1013David HOLDENGran Fondo33404:40:17.9
906James ANDERSONGran Fondo44505:01:56.8
904Scott ALLENGran Fondo55605:02:06.7
907Lance ANDERSONGran Fondo66705:04:01.1
1180David DANCEGran Fondo77805:04:12.2
936Brian BRUGGEMANGran Fondo88905:06:50.0
1098Luther RILEYGran Fondo991005:09:13.3
948Brian CLEARYGran Fondo10101105:16:20.8
1090Jonathan RAFFAELIGran Fondo11111205:21:34.1
1031Russell LEAHYGran Fondo12121305:21:34.8
964Kevin DICKSONGran Fondo13131405:24:47.4
1184Jacob DULLISEGran Fondo14141505:26:09.7
1100Nelson ROCHAGran Fondo15151605:26:10.9
916Stephen AYERSGran Fondo16161705:26:20.7
1040Scott LONGGran Fondo17171805:28:35.2
955Timothy CRUMGran Fondo18181905:33:09.5
986Scott FRIEDMANGran Fondo19192005:33:09.9
934Ryan BOTKINSGran Fondo20202105:33:19.7
1192Brian COMSTOCKGran Fondo21212205:33:20.9
1115Scott STARBUCKGran Fondo22222305:33:35.7
1178Timothy GATTENGran Fondo23232405:34:07.5
1105Jared SCHMAUTZGran Fondo24242505:34:46.7
918John BALDWINGran Fondo25252605:35:10.5
1182Lee ALBRECHTGran Fondo26262705:39:36.7
991Jon GESSELEGran Fondo27272805:39:56.4
999Timothy HALLEYGran Fondo28282905:40:30.2
1064Daniel MOTTERNGran Fondo29293005:41:01.6
1068Trent MUNYERGran Fondo30303105:41:07.4
1032Josh LEPPERTGran Fondo31313205:41:36.7
1046Jason MARSHALLGran Fondo32323305:41:40.5
950David COLEGran Fondo33333405:42:42.5
1121Tyler SUDWEEKSGran Fondo34343505:46:24.5
1065Dave MUFFLYGran Fondo35353605:50:14.9
932Douglas BORSTGran Fondo36363705:51:00.0
953Andrew COYLEGran Fondo37373805:51:47.1
977Jason EVANSGran Fondo38383905:51:47.6
1011Caleb HIEBERTGran Fondo39393905:51:47.6
1059Michael MCKEEGran Fondo40403905:51:47.6

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Name: Coeur d'Fondo
Date: 2016-09-24
Location: Coeur d'Alene, ID
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