Coeur d'Fondo

2016-09-24 • Medio Fondo

171 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

Average Time: 06:04:25
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
685Robert LIDDICOATMedio Fondo11104:04:28.4
994David GIMBELMedio Fondo22204:16:26.6
795Richard YOUNGBLOODMedio Fondo33204:16:26.6
638Michael DAMONMedio Fondo44304:19:12.0
944Bob CHRISTENSENMedio Fondo55404:19:22.8
779Michael THAYERMedio Fondo66404:19:22.8
739Mark ROBINSONMedio Fondo77504:26:42.9
642Seth DIXONMedio Fondo88604:26:43.5
627Nigel CAMPBELLMedio Fondo99704:26:43.8
666Don HICKSMedio Fondo1010804:27:20.0
693Mike MANGINIMedio Fondo1111904:30:20.6
1094Josh RAUMedio Fondo12121004:30:39.4
1067Kristina MUNYERMedio Fondo13131104:33:14.1
752Andy SPENCERMedio Fondo14141204:34:28.9
946Anthony CLARKMedio Fondo15151304:34:29.9
781Gene SLATERMedio Fondo16161304:34:29.9
710Ken MILLSMedio Fondo17171404:34:32.4
713David MOODYMedio Fondo18181504:34:55.4
794Gary CALLAHANMedio Fondo19191604:37:52.7
993Matt GILLISMedio Fondo20201604:37:52.7
636Mike CRABBMedio Fondo21211704:38:18.6
965Chris DOHRMANMedio Fondo22221704:38:18.6
787Evan SZAKACSMedio Fondo23231704:38:18.6
762Shawn TAYLORMedio Fondo24241804:50:14.2
919David BARNETTMedio Fondo25251804:50:14.2
726Joe OCHOAMedio Fondo26261904:51:26.7
733Larry PETRIEMedio Fondo27272004:52:27.2
737Ben RICHARDSONMedio Fondo28282104:52:30.6
654Richard FUNKMedio Fondo29292204:52:31.3
765John TOWNLEYMedio Fondo30302304:52:33.1
637Catherine DALEMedio Fondo31312404:53:58.5
740Tom RODGERSMedio Fondo32322504:56:14.0
696Scott MARTINMedio Fondo33332604:56:29.6
1133Trevor TWEEDYMedio Fondo34342704:57:42.6
760Shawn SWANBYMedio Fondo35352805:02:02.7
917Tabitha BALDERASMedio Fondo36362805:02:02.7
686Larry LINDAHLMedio Fondo37372905:02:24.8
680Mike KONKINMedio Fondo38383005:03:06.4
681Sheri KONKINMedio Fondo39393105:03:46.7
1066Joan MUFFLYMedio Fondo40403205:03:47.5

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Name: Coeur d'Fondo
Date: 2016-09-24
Location: Coeur d'Alene, ID
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