Hobble Gobble Prediction Run

2017-11-18 • Long Course- By Time

72 Participants • 41 Women • 31 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameRankOfficial Time
436David Hurlbut100:43:19.5
168Judy Crowley200:47:31.4
353Ethan Fiorentino300:48:36.2
313Tom Toole400:50:18.2
413Michael Campbell500:50:43.2
309Morgan Phelix600:51:05.0
166Lauren Smith700:52:08.0
107Michael Renga800:52:12.7
390Angela Villeneuve900:52:32.5
445Amy Hollister1000:52:36.5
173Dave Pinegar1100:53:19.6
373Gene Perrigo1200:53:28.5
467April Barnes1300:53:53.4
423Stephanie Rogers1400:55:45.0
387Sean Doyle1500:56:47.7
3Leah Bill1600:57:12.0
4Jacqueline Bill1700:57:13.4
205Sally MacDonald1800:58:24.7
397Emily McKernan1900:58:33.3
56April Bluemer2000:58:41.5
341Roger Hawksby2100:58:55.8
144Fred Dunaway2200:59:56.4
155Kimberly French2301:02:20.4
201Terry Hodge2401:02:21.2
183Stephanie Plaisted2501:02:36.4
359Trudy Gordon2601:02:48.0
361Brenda Gordon2701:02:48.8
340Cheryl Scott2801:03:01.9
115Joel Hinman2901:04:47.5
422Robert Rogers3001:05:43.5
411Sue Duval3101:05:50.0
312Tammy Finnegan3201:06:02.0
224Katherine Allott3301:06:47.0
410Dawn Kiddell3401:06:54.0
403Garland Parent3501:07:11.2
415Jessica McGuire3601:07:12.3
122Cathryn Haug3701:07:27.0
247Merv Hodgson3801:07:27.5
91Pamela Rowe3901:07:47.0
28Diane Covell4001:08:08.4

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