Hobble Gobble Prediction Run

2017-11-18 • Short Course- By Prediction

209 Participants • 143 Women • 66 Men

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170Hyrum Pinegar10:00.6
149Donald Curry20:04.5
203Timothy Bell30:07.0
425Molly Coburn40:08.1
337Ryan Petty50:08.7
284Trudy Desormo60:16.5
409Finnegan Dean70:16.5
237Jim Triolo80:19.1
287Oak McCurdy90:23.2
368Jarrod Jacobs100:25.7
214Tonya Ardison110:26.6
377James Earle120:31.9
367Ghita Schwerzmann130:34.7
269Clare Gallant140:35.1
328William Trithart150:46.5
352Alan Hughes160:46.7
84Elaine Sherman170:48.3
65Sara Hutcheson180:48.6
447Brian Fancher190:48.9
85Nancy Barlow200:49.0
18Susan Dodds210:52.3
327Julie Lister220:54.8
260Autumn McCarthy230:57.1
463Sarah Rodman240:58.1
440Carolyn Johnson250:58.8
219Kathleen Ames261:00.6
210Kimberly Duprey271:01.3
321Jim Merrill281:01.9
103Paula Jones291:02.0
291Denise McIsaac301:06.1
404Scott Mulcahy311:07.5
342Kimberly George321:08.0
343Todd George331:08.4
452Stefan Grimberg341:09.1
402Aimee Vida351:13.0
52Patti Rowan361:13.9
348Cat Perrigo371:14.3
349Clint Perrigo381:14.5
363Laura Grant-Poirier391:16.1
449Stephen Greco401:17.0

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