Ride 4 United Way

2017-08-13 • 100 KM - TIME TRIAL (5KM)

21 Participants • 3 Women • 18 Men

Average Time: 00:10:14
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Time
2019Kenny IpM34-11100:07:34.0
2011Petr CivinM45-5422100:08:31.7
2008Peter KiftM55-6433100:08:38.3
2017Janet HowardF35-4441100:08:57.5
2005Firas DibM34-54200:09:00.9
2021Hagen SiuM34-65300:09:31.1
2016Alfred LeeM35-4476100:09:32.6
2014Brendan McGillM35-4487200:09:46.3
2013Catherine JohnstonF44-5492100:09:57.0
2002Bonz BongatoM45-54108200:10:08.1
2001Juan BattolanaM35-44119300:10:18.1
2010Paul VisserM45-541210300:10:19.6
2024Jacob StadnyxM35-441311400:10:27.2
2003John BongatoM55-641412200:10:30.3
2022Paul BoucherM55-641513300:11:10.0
2004Efron MoncadoM45-541614400:11:20.6
2018Roland RooversM45-541715500:11:28.4
2023Frank NastM55-641816400:11:39.9
2009Jyl McGunigalF44-54193200:11:43.2
2020Norm LadhaM35-442017500:12:07.1
2012Daniele GuarrasiM45-542118600:12:09.8

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