Smiths Falls Classic Runs

2017-06-24 • 5 Km Run

29 Participants • 9 Women • 20 Men

Average Time: 00:26:35
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Time
221Teagan RETTYM20-2411100:16:24.8
220Phil MOSHERM30-3422100:19:04.0
211Richard HURTSM20-2433200:20:44.2
214Adam KOURAKISM25-2944100:21:29.8
222Cory ROBINSONM35-3955100:21:34.0
219Peter MOODYM35-3966200:22:14.2
224Joseph WALSHM50-5477100:22:31.6
230Jarret HAMELM25-2988200:22:36.3
218Rafeek MOHAMEDM60-6499100:22:46.6
206Marc-Jean GAGNEM55-591010100:23:18.9
233Jeff CODEM45-491111100:23:23.2
228Riley GOLDSMITHM13-1212100:24:03.3
232Ben LASTM35-391313300:24:42.2
212Michael IRISHM40-441414100:25:02.7
223Brian SMITHM65-691515100:25:06.8
216Cynthia LAFORTYF55-59161100:25:43.7
208David GALLANTM13-1716200:25:55.7
205Olivier COLLINM35-391817400:26:45.6
201Robb ANDERSONM65-691918200:26:46.6
203Lacey BROUGHTONAthena202100:26:55.7
209Rebecca GREENEF35-39213100:28:39.5
207James GALLANTM14-152219100:29:15.6
215Nana KWAMENAF35-39234200:30:27.8
225Mitchell WHITEClydes2420100:32:35.6
217Kaelynne MOFFITTF13-255100:34:11.8
210Toby HAMELAthena266200:39:43.3
202Katia BIVOLF35-39277300:40:54.9
204Diane CASAULTF45-49288100:41:02.3
213Tamara KARMARKF25-29

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Name: Smiths Falls Classic Runs
Date: 2017-06-24
Location: Smiths Falls, ON
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Wylie Ryan 2Km View Results
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