2017-08-20 • Sprint Run Bike

19 Participants • 13 Women • 6 Men

Average Time: 01:25:16
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceRunBikeFinish
199Jessica ADAMF45-4911100:08:1000:59:5801:08:56.6
570Anna TRATHYEKF30-3422100:08:3401:06:5601:16:20.8
204Louise CHOQUETTEF55-5933100:09:4501:09:5201:20:50.3
194Udo BUECHNERM70-7441100:07:4001:14:4701:24:24.3
480Caroline NOWAKF35-3954100:09:5201:14:3301:25:36.1
572Renny ZEISM30-3462100:10:3601:11:4601:26:34.1
200Kim GREENF45-4975200:10:4201:16:5801:29:29.3
108Miguel RIERAM40-4483100:18:1301:28:5801:49:48.9
192Mathew RYNARDM45-49
193Roderic STAVELEYM50-54
195Alex RYNARDF19-
196Coral BROWNEF30-34
197Sarah WEBSTERF35-39
198Patricia BILLAUF40-44
201Jerel HENRYF45-49
202Amanda DARWOODF50-54
203Kathleen ARNOLDF55-59
478Larry ASPINALLM70-74
479Caitlin GILLISF30-34

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