Wednesday Night Mountain Bike Series #6

2017-06-07 • One Lapper

88 Participants • 15 Women • 73 Men

Average Time: 00:37:04
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
1692John WEHRER1 Lapper 18-39 Male11100:27:39.1
1310Tracy SKAY1 Lapper 50+ Male22100:27:39.4
1608Richard LAW1 Lapper 40-49 Male33100:27:46.3
2831Matt WHEELWRIGHT1 Lapper 18-39 Male44200:28:12.7
1607Erik KETTENTON1 Lapper 18-39 Male55300:28:13.3
1987Joe ANCHONDO1 Lapper 50+ Male66200:28:21.2
1332Harley DOBSON1 Lapper 18-39 Male77400:28:23.3
1647Ashlee WEIMAR1 Lapper 18-39 Female81100:28:23.5
1677Ron SIMMONS1 Lapper 50+ Male98300:28:40.6
1685John OSTERBECK1 Lapper 50+ Male109300:28:40.6
2845Ted HILL1 Lapper 40-49 Male1110200:28:50.7
1630Randy MONROE1 Lapper 50+ Male1211400:28:54.5
1975Jackson BULGER1 Lapper 18-39 Male1312500:28:58.0
2806Rob WAGNER1 Lapper 50+ Male1413500:28:58.2
1974Pat BULGER1 Lapper 40-49 Male1514300:29:28.5
1668Robert DIESBURG1 Lapper 40-49 Male1615400:29:42.8
1338Joel FIELDS1 Lapper 50+ Male1716600:29:46.3
1688Eric WORDEN1 Lapper 40-49 Male1817500:29:51.9
1650Nathan BOUCHER1 Lapper 18-39 Male1918600:29:53.7
1623Kari VOLWILER1 Lapper 18-39 Female202200:29:54.0
1666Michael GRANT1 Lapper 40-49 Male2119600:29:55.2
1675Mike DIEDESCH1 Lapper 18-39 Male2220700:29:56.2
1621Dave BRAUN1 Lapper 50+ Male2321700:30:06.9
1318Cliff KIRACOFE1 Lapper 40-49 Male2422700:30:09.7
1780Todd CONLEY1 Lapper 50+ Male2523800:30:21.3
1998Bruce KUEST1 Lapper 50+ Male2624900:30:29.0
1319Mike LAUFFER1 Lapper 50+ Male27251000:30:54.2
2807Susie HOLZNAGEL1 Lapper 18-39 Female283300:30:58.8
1982John SPEARE1 Lapper 40-49 Male2926800:31:03.9
2817Andrew MURPHEY1 Lapper 18-39 Male3027800:31:18.2
1663Duane CROCKETT1 Lapper 50+ Male31281100:31:18.3
1345Alex RYSE1 Lapper 14 & Under Male3229100:31:39.3
2887Anthony SCHUH1 Lapper 40-49 Male3330900:31:56.7
2880Justin HOBBS1 Lapper 40-49 Male34311000:32:18.0
1798Jenna NICOL1 Lapper 18-39 Female354400:32:31.5
2832Donna YACKLE1 Lapper 40+ Female365100:32:40.2
1794Brett KYLE1 Lapper 40-49 Male37321100:32:43.3
1662Rick PLUMBO1 Lapper 50+ Male38331200:32:47.1
1679Keith WALKER1 Lapper 50+ Male39341300:32:51.2
1669Amy DIESBURG1 Lapper 40+ Female406200:33:17.4

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Name: Wednesday Night Mountain Bike Series #6
Date: 2017-06-07
Location: Spokane, WA
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