Priest Lake Mothers Day Marathon

2017-05-13 • 5K

37 Participants • 28 Women • 9 Men

Average Time: 00:51:15
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
731Luke BUTLER5K Overall Male11100:29:04.9
726Ryan WILLYARD5K Overall Male22200:29:07.7
718Andrew AEXEL5K Overall Male33300:31:37.4
715Bobbi STANFIELD5K Overall Female41100:33:08.6
388John AEXEL5K M50-5454100:33:52.7
725Stephanie MCNAMEE5K Overall Female62200:34:07.1
710Elsi DAHLIN5K Overall Female73300:34:40.6
709Laura DAHLIN5K F25-2984100:35:28.2
701Rodney GILE5K F55-5995100:36:46.7
732Emily BUTLER5K F14-19106100:37:05.2
722Lyra MAIDHOFF5K M45-49115100:37:11.2
728Krystal BUTLER5K F25-29127200:38:50.8
711Naomi DAHLIN5K F14-19138200:39:53.3
712Lydia DAHLIN5K F14-19149300:40:02.9
721Conner MAIDHOFF5K M45-49156200:43:13.8
723Harvey MAIDHOFF5K M45-49167300:43:20.5
727Alexa BRINK5K F25-291710300:44:09.0
734Eileen DUGGER5K F60-641811100:44:25.5
714Nancy ENGLUND5K F60-641912200:44:36.3
730Dawn SOUMAS5K F55-592013200:45:33.4
733Frances PAPENLEUR5K F60-642114300:47:12.3
713Vicki LONG5K F35-392215100:47:45.9
705Zoe STEPHANIS5K F14-192316400:48:40.2
704Rebecca STEPHANIS5K F45-492417100:48:42.6
720Sharon MAIDHOFF5K F70+2518101:01:22.1
706Julie KATZER5K F30-342619101:02:27.7
707Shalako KATZER5K F40-442720101:02:36.9
761Matthew WILLYARD5K M14-19288101:05:59.8
759Kaylee MCNAMEE5K F14-192921501:07:22.2
724Alma MCNAMEE5K F55-593022301:07:25.2
702Heather RABIDUE5K F25-293123401:18:32.6
717Pamela KING5K F65-693224101:29:36.3
316Heidi HIDY5K F40-443325203:06:51.7
703Kyle OLIVEIRA5K M25-29
708Felina HASTINGS5K F45-49
716Kristie BRINK5K F45-49
729Debi MEEK5K F50-54

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Name: Priest Lake Mothers Day Marathon
Date: 2017-05-13
Location: Priest Lake, ID
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