Coeur d'Alene Marathon

2017-05-28 • Half Marathon Walker

29 Participants • 23 Women • 6 Men

Average Time: 03:56:31
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1415Theresa KINGHalf Marathon F Walker103:11:09.0
924Kathleen HOLLANDHalf Marathon F Walker203:11:47.0
1168Janett PUGHHalf Marathon F Walker303:12:34.6
831Carlahn GAYDAHalf Marathon F Walker403:15:34.6
792Joan ESTUDILLOHalf Marathon F Walker503:15:43.4
609Beth ANTENUCCIHalf Marathon F Walker603:24:20.3
1725Judy SITTONHalf Marathon F Walker703:28:45.7
849Liz GONZALESHalf Marathon F Walker803:33:40.0
1346Sherry VIZCAINOHalf Marathon F Walker903:33:46.8
856Anna Mae GREENEHalf Marathon F Walker1003:41:53.2
858Hedley GREENEHalf Marathon M Walker1103:41:53.4
1198Jimmy ROGERSHalf Marathon M Walker1203:49:55.1
985Alaina KOWITZHalf Marathon F Walker1303:53:42.5
1357Nik WETHINGTONHalf Marathon M Walker1403:53:42.6
793Sarah ETTERHalf Marathon F Walker1503:55:10.1
1197Brock ROGERSHalf Marathon M Walker1603:57:49.9
1200Shelly ROGERSHalf Marathon F Walker1703:57:51.1
922Ted HOGEWEIDEHalf Marathon M Walker1803:57:52.4
1062Bea Ann MELICHARHalf Marathon F Walker1904:01:42.8
631Mary Ann BAXTERHalf Marathon F Walker2004:01:43.2
707Manesseh CASTROHalf Marathon F Walker2104:07:21.4
744Kyla DAINTYHalf Marathon F Walker2204:07:22.3
1047Kellie MCDONOUGHHalf Marathon F Walker2304:26:41.6
717Gretchen CHOMASHalf Marathon F Walker2404:26:52.5
1333Stacy TUNISONHalf Marathon F Walker2504:27:31.1
910Kary HIATTHalf Marathon F Walker2604:29:03.6
1080Christina MOLLHalf Marathon F Walker2704:29:04.2
1426Stephen LOVEHalf Marathon M Walker2805:17:50.7
963Cheryl KAMPENHalf Marathon F Walker2905:26:09.1

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