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2013-06-15 • 8-9 Age Group- 50m Swim, 2.5km Bike, 1km Run

167 Participants • 83 Women • 84 Men

Average Time: 00:21:43
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Comp.BIBNamegun time
494Aidan Albrechtas00:23:06.4
400Parker Alles00:19:44.2
401Jillian Anderson00:22:38.7
495Anika Armitage00:18:21.2
496Eric Armstrong00:15:52.0
497Rianna Atwal00:22:50.5
402Jacob Bakker00:23:59.2
403Samuel Barber00:23:26.4
505Kyra Bartsch00:21:52.6
493Daniel Bastel00:23:09.1
404Kate Bauman00:22:33.9
498Coleton Benham00:23:26.5
499Josip Benic00:25:34.2
405Elias Bizony00:17:52.4
500Josie Brown00:22:54.4
517Nicholas Brown00:20:53.1
541Charlye Brownell00:20:45.7
407Mackenzie Buchwald00:24:16.5
408Tyler Bulmer00:23:10.5
409Sarah Bumstead00:22:01.9
410Ryland Burns00:20:01.6
411Justin Burrill00:21:45.6
412Lily Carson00:15:26.0
413Zach Carter00:18:09.7
501Caleb Chambers00:19:39.2
414Evan Ciccone00:21:03.1
504Micah Cowell00:23:40.3
506Callum Currie00:20:09.4
415Ella Da Silva00:31:01.5
529Gavin Deep00:20:43.0
509Emilio Diaz Barriga00:18:43.9
416Paige Dietrich00:24:59.2
417Amy Dueck00:20:59.8
510Zerina Duvnjak00:24:24.0
418Colbey Eamer00:14:18.9
419Drew Eamer00:18:04.7
511Ireland Fascinato00:22:10.6
420Molly Fast00:22:40.7
512Cade Ferguson00:18:50.0
513Carson Forwell00:20:46.1

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