McCarthy Tetrault Marathon

2003-07-06 • 62 miles

68 Participants • 0 Women • 26 Men

Average Time: 04:01:03
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Time
3547Running Room SOCI11102:30:35.0
3507Caltech 1 SOCI22202:47:01.0
3522Mxxonmobil 1 CORP31103:02:00.0
3574Thundering Herd CORP42203:06:26.0
3575Tipsy Runners SOCI53303:11:20.0
3534Anuckle Draggers SOCI64403:22:32.0
3572The Rehepler Runners FAMI75103:22:47.0
3533Inve Sprinters CORP83303:28:24.0
3514Clan Maclaren FAMI96203:29:02.0
3580Young At Heart SOCI107503:33:00.0
3577Wild & Crazy SOCI118603:33:58.0
3551Squash Sistas SOCI129703:34:55.0
3525Flash CORP134403:36:56.0
3537Mercer Reloaded CORP145503:38:54.0
3552Sun Runners CORP156603:39:08.0
3542Red Devils Oldies SOCI1610803:39:30.0
3543Red Hot Chocolate Lei FAMI1711303:41:20.0
3565Team Vi SOCI1812903:42:45.0
3578Woodchuckers SOCI19131003:43:39.0
3581Blood Tribe Police SOCI20141103:44:05.0
3515Clownheads SOCI21151203:48:37.0
3529Help Wanted SOCI22161303:48:39.0
3584Renegades SOCI23171403:50:37.0
3527Girls Gone Running SOCI24181503:50:41.0
3582Prairies, Foothills & SOCI25191603:52:39.0
3505Beer Nuts SOCI26201703:52:44.0
3532Hudson's Heroes CORP277703:53:02.0
3569The Comrades SOCI28211803:53:30.0
35011 Fast 4 Curious CORP298803:53:51.0
3528Galloping Troop CORP309903:55:55.0
3510Carpe 02 SOCI31221903:56:22.0
3535McCarthy 100 CORP32101003:57:23.0
3517Cohos-Evamy CORP33111103:58:07.0
3563Team Price SOCI34232003:58:34.0
3519Dkns CORP35121203:59:50.0
3560Team Kwan SOCI36242104:03:45.0
3576Trail Blazers SOCI37252204:04:52.0
3566Team Vw CORP38131304:06:42.0
3524Feets Of Strength FAMI3926404:08:33.0
3570The Crawlers SOCI40272304:11:31.0

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Name: McCarthy Tetrault Marathon
Date: 2003-07-06
Location: Calgary, AB
62 miles View Results
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