Strides for Strong Bones

2017-07-29 • 3 Miles

76 Participants • 48 Women • 28 Men

Average Time: 00:41:08
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
160Kurt KOHLER3 Mile M Overall11100:18:41.7
123Adam LITTLE3 Mile M 30-3922100:21:37.9
116Cory JONES3 Mile M 18 & under33100:22:11.5
102Trina DUTTON3 Mile F Overall41100:22:12.2
100Eric CARVER3 Mile M 30-3954200:23:45.7
148Erich MANDREN3 Mile M 40-4965100:24:55.6
99Larry CARROLL3 Mile M 70-7977100:27:40.7
141Terry SODERBERG3 Mile M 60-6986100:27:40.7
98Sharon CARROLL3 Mile F 70-7992100:28:09.7
142Jack SUTTON3 Mile M 70-79108200:28:20.8
314Karen LUEDEKING3 Mile F 60-69113100:29:09.8
122Jennifer LITTLE3 Mile F 30-39124100:31:49.7
131Cashe NYQUEST3 Mile M 18 & under139200:32:24.5
117Anna KINCHENKO3 Mile F 19-29145100:32:34.2
152Ryan MONAHAN3 Mile M 19-291510100:34:12.7
151Jennifer DEMYNCK3 Mile F 19-29166200:34:16.0
111Shannon HESTER3 Mile F 40-49177100:34:26.8
107Shyla GIBSON3 Mile F 40-49188200:34:43.4
103Mary EBERLE3 Mile F 30-39199200:36:56.7
154Cole CULLEN3 Mile M 18 & under2011300:37:21.6
155Mark CULLEN3 Mile M 50-592112100:37:47.7
130Shad NYQUEST3 Mile M 30-392213300:37:49.8
156Kady CULLEN3 Mile F 18 & under2310100:39:42.7
153Kelley CULLEN3 Mile F 50-592411100:39:52.4
147Marie BRENDA3 Mile F 50-592512200:41:37.7
124Elke MANDRELL3 Mile F 40-492613300:42:35.3
90Dick BAKER3 Mile M 70-792714300:43:27.8
119Lynn KOHLMEIER3 Mile F 50-592814300:43:47.3
97Dan BROSSOIT3 Mile M 40-492915200:44:29.0
316Renee NORRIS3 Mile F Osteoporosis3015100:44:30.3
159Brianna SCOTT3 Mile F 30-393116300:45:00.2
146Hal GOLDBERG3 Mile M Osteoporosis3216100:45:29.2
145Sandy GOLDBERG3 Mile F Osteoporosis3317200:45:47.5
301Darla AUSTERMAN3 Mile F Osteoporosis3418300:45:59.2
158Conor DALEY3 Mile M 18 & under3517400:47:49.3
114Callie JOHNSON3 Mile F 19-293619300:47:53.9
115Kayla JOHNSON3 Mile F 19-293720400:47:54.6
104Jenna FARRELL3 Mile F 18 & under3821200:50:07.5
139Amy SEPPA3 Mile F 30-393922400:50:12.5
157Theresa DALLY3 Mile F 30-394023500:50:12.9

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Name: Strides for Strong Bones
Date: 2017-07-29
Location: Medical Lake, WA
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