Strides for Strong Bones

2017-07-29 • 6 Miles

26 Participants • 15 Women • 11 Men

Average Time: 01:00:50
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
311Cooper HANEY6 Mile M Overall11100:33:14.7
313Steve KIRSCHKE6 Mile M 40-4922100:35:26.3
326Christopher MELLOT6 Mile M 19-2933100:43:02.1
307Tim GAINER6 Mile M 50-5944100:44:20.9
325Lizzy ENGERBRESTON6 Mile F Overall51100:49:04.5
304Mikaela CARRILLO6 Mile F 19-2962100:49:24.9
324Koren AHLSTROM6 Mile F 50-5973100:49:37.8
306Mike FAVRET6 Mile M 60-6985100:50:08.2
302Jacob BAKER6 Mile M 30-3996100:51:21.0
322Bernadette THROGMORTON6 Mile F 40-49104100:56:13.7
319Stacia REAGAN6 Mile F 30-39115100:56:25.2
300Katherine AMES6 Mile F 60-69126100:57:37.3
310Mike HAASCH6 Mile M 50-59137201:01:24.4
320Kimberly SHEPARD6 Mile F 30-39147201:03:05.7
321Kimberly SPARLING6 Mile F Osteoporosis158101:09:44.3
329Susan BANENHUE6 Mile M 50-59168301:10:11.6
328Floyd MCCOMAS6 Mile M 70-79179101:22:31.4
327Jill BETH6 Mile F 70-79189101:31:27.4
303Carmen BERG6 Mile F 50-591910201:40:59.2
309Kay GUILLORY6 Mile F Osteoporosis2011201:40:59.6
305Denise ECHELBARGER6 Mile F 40-49
308Sharon GENUNG6 Mile F 60-69
315Clint MAYEUR6 Mile M 50-59
317Ryan OSBORN6 Mile M 30-39
318Denese POWE6 Mile F 40-49
323Leanne WENTWORTH6 Mile F 19-29

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Name: Strides for Strong Bones
Date: 2017-07-29
Location: Medical Lake, WA
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