Coeur d'Fondo

2017-09-23 • Gran Fondo

169 Participants • 34 Women • 135 Men

Average Time: 07:19:00
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
1060Justin WAGNERGran Fondo M11105:08:59.6
1147Derek GARCIAGran Fondo M22205:16:24.7
1097David HOLDENGran Fondo M33305:19:35.8
1146Derek CARTERGran Fondo M44405:19:37.4
1080Mike TAYLORGran Fondo M55505:19:39.7
1162Richie FRAHMGran Fondo M66605:19:42.2
1117Jonathan RAFFAELIGran Fondo M77705:19:43.5
1090Graham CHRISTENSENGran Fondo M88805:21:58.6
1064Luther RILEYGran Fondo M99905:23:37.9
978Joan MUFFLYGran Fondo F101105:30:23.5
1066Jared SCHMAUTZGran Fondo M11101005:32:32.5
1021Tom LAMPHIERGran Fondo M12111105:32:34.9
1031Justin TAYLORGran Fondo M13121205:35:19.9
1112Nigel DAVIESGran Fondo M14131305:38:08.1
1062Tom DUBOSGran Fondo M15141405:39:17.9
1061David HIATTGran Fondo M16151505:42:41.8
995Randy SORENSENGran Fondo M17161605:44:48.2
1026Todd BEARDGran Fondo M18171705:46:13.7
1120Paul NELSONGran Fondo M19181805:47:11.8
1086Debra PARKERGran Fondo F202205:48:15.7
1082Conrad BANDGran Fondo M21191905:49:45.5
927David MARSEYGran Fondo M22202005:50:11.0
1104Matthew CUSACKGran Fondo M23212105:50:34.7
1004Timothy CRUMGran Fondo M24222205:50:51.9
994Scott FRIEDMANGran Fondo M25232305:50:53.0
1123Sean COENENGran Fondo M26242405:50:58.0
1159Bill BYRNEGran Fondo M27252505:53:15.4
1038Chris ARMSTRONGGran Fondo M28262605:56:45.6
1068Bob CHRISTENSENGran Fondo M29272705:58:47.8
1053Scott VOYLESGran Fondo M30282806:02:13.6
920David MATTSONGran Fondo M31292906:03:31.6
935Steve RIDLEYGran Fondo M32303006:03:37.7
965David COLEGran Fondo M33313106:04:22.9
930Brian COMSTOCKGran Fondo M34323206:04:25.8
987Henry CAOGran Fondo M35333306:11:52.4
986David BOOMERGran Fondo M36343406:12:01.4
954Karmell CLARKGran Fondo F373306:12:04.4
1049Craig TOSTENSONGran Fondo M38353506:12:04.6
1103Robert MARCHETTIGran Fondo M39363606:12:53.4
1069Kristin BEYERSDORFGran Fondo F404406:13:04.5

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Name: Coeur d'Fondo
Date: 2017-09-23
Location: Coeur d'Alene, ID
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