SPS Active 4 Youth Cross Country Audubon Meet 9.25

2017-09-25 • 1 Mile

582 Participants • 283 Women • 299 Men

Average Time: 00:10:41
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryaffiliationRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
3278Abraham L6th Grade BoysFINCH11100:06:48.2
648Zane E5th Grade BoysBROWNE22100:06:50.9
3274Micaiah A6th Grade BoysFINCH33200:06:54.4
3280Jamie P6th Grade BoysFINCH44300:06:55.2
3277Payton J6th Grade BoysFINCH55400:07:00.7
965Austin S5th Grade BoysMONTESSORI66200:07:06.7
2723Lakota T3rd Grade BoysWILLARD77100:07:12.6
3261Calvin L5th Grade BoysFINCH88300:07:14.1
36Tayvian N5th Grade BoysBRYANT99400:07:23.5
3255Thomas B5th Grade BoysFINCH1010500:07:23.6
3243Dezlyn L5th Grade GirlsFINCH111100:07:25.7
724Mason B3rd Grade BoysMONTESSORI1211200:07:26.5
2845Gabriel M5th Grade BoysAUDUBON1312600:07:27.3
746Theo L4th Grade BoysMONTESSORI1413100:07:27.9
3657Brynn H4th Grade GirlsGARFIELD152100:07:28.0
3263Tyler V5th Grade BoysFINCH1614700:07:28.4
647Ethan M5th Grade BoysBROWNE1715800:07:29.2
730Adele I3rd Grade GirlsMONTESSORI183100:07:29.9
3365Mason N2nd Grade BoysFINCH1916100:07:33.0
44Marc G6th Grade BoysBRYANT2017500:07:34.5
3677Nevaeh H6th Grade GirlsGARFIELD214100:07:35.4
3262Vance T5th Grade BoysFINCH2218900:07:35.6
955Brynlee B5th Grade GirlsMONTESSORI235200:07:36.3
3269Shaelynn L6th Grade GirlsFINCH246200:07:39.3
2731Richeona E3rd Grade GirlsWILLARD257200:07:40.7
968Lucy J6th Grade GirlsMONTESSORI268300:07:40.8
3252Payge S5th Grade GirlsFINCH2710300:07:41.3
3241Gabriella G5th Grade GirlsFINCH289300:07:41.3
3664Noah W5th Grade BoysGARFIELD29191000:07:42.3
952Jackson R4th Grade BoysMONTESSORI3020200:07:43.0
710Josey M2nd Grade GirlsMONTESSORI3111100:07:43.5
573Moroni C3rd Grade BoysBROWNE3221300:07:46.6
707* **2nd Grade GirlsMONTESSORI3312200:07:50.3
42Madilyn D6th Grade GirlsBRYANT3413400:07:50.8
2530Kyra C3rd Grade GirlsHOLMES3514300:07:51.0
28Weston D4th Grade BoysBRYANT3622300:07:51.5
3699Elijah D6th Grade BoysGARFIELD3723600:07:51.6
3267Hailie B6th Grade GirlsFINCH3815500:07:52.1
703Kyler G2nd Grade BoysMONTESSORI3924200:07:52.9
3696Hazel S6th Grade GirlsGARFIELD4016600:07:53.0

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Name: SPS Active 4 Youth Cross Country Audubon Meet 9.25
Date: 2017-09-25
Location: Spokane, WA
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