SPS Active 4 Youth Cross Country Grant Park Meet 9.25

2017-09-25 • 1 Mile

610 Participants • 299 Women • 311 Men

Average Time: 00:09:52
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryaffiliationRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
2062Parker D5th Grade BoysHAMBLEN11100:06:18.6
687Noah W6th Grade BoysMORAN PRAIRIE22100:06:25.5
754Patrick L6th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD33200:06:31.1
4462Colin C5th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD44200:06:32.3
3089Dylan K6th Grade BoysMORAN PRAIRIE55300:06:42.2
4427Rio G4th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD66100:06:42.3
2085Orion M6th Grade BoysHAMBLEN77400:06:42.9
4440Gaje V4th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD88200:06:43.7
765Brett Z6th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD99500:06:46.5
4372Michael J2nd Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD1010100:06:53.3
4364Jonah E2nd Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD1111200:06:54.4
2935Chase P2nd Grade BoysMORAN PRAIRIE1212300:06:55.7
759Antonio R6th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD1313600:06:55.9
2038Braylen K4th Grade BoysHAMBLEN1415300:06:56.9
2078Brayden K6th Grade BoysHAMBLEN1514700:06:56.9
2926Jackson H2nd Grade BoysMORAN PRAIRIE1616400:06:57.2
763Natalie W6th Grade GirlsMULLAN ROAD171100:06:57.3
380Trevor V4th Grade BoysODYSSEY1817400:06:57.8
354Wyatt D5th Grade BoysODYSSEY1918300:06:58.0
4449Gwen B5th Grade GirlsMULLAN ROAD202100:06:59.0
764Kyle W6th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD2119800:07:00.4
2041Brian M4th Grade BoysHAMBLEN2220500:07:01.0
2036Hunter J4th Grade BoysHAMBLEN2321600:07:02.0
3037Connor G4th Grade BoysMORAN PRAIRIE2422700:07:03.2
3035Finnegan C4th Grade BoysMORAN PRAIRIE2523800:07:05.3
2074Blake W5th Grade BoysHAMBLEN2624400:07:05.6
4448Cole B5th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD2725500:07:07.0
762Jaden W6th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD2826900:07:09.8
3058Andrew W4th Grade BoysMORAN PRAIRIE2927900:07:10.7
3499Kuau R6th Grade BoysFRANKLIN30281000:07:11.2
3492Ellerie O6th Grade GirlsFRANKLIN313200:07:11.6
3487Myles D5th Grade BoysFRANKLIN3229600:07:11.6
4444James W4th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD33301000:07:12.1
3498Joshua B6th Grade BoysFRANKLIN34311100:07:12.7
3083Elise D6th Grade GirlsMORAN PRAIRIE354300:07:12.8
355Adam E5th Grade BoysODYSSEY3632700:07:15.1
4464Parker W5th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD3733800:07:15.3
4374Jake M2nd Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD3834500:07:16.5
2082Maya M6th Grade GirlsHAMBLEN395400:07:17.0
2938Henry R2nd Grade BoysMORAN PRAIRIE4035600:07:17.2

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Name: SPS Active 4 Youth Cross Country Grant Park Meet 9.25
Date: 2017-09-25
Location: Spokane, WA
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