SPS Active 4 Youth Cross Country Hays Park Meet 9.27

2017-09-27 • 1 Mile

710 Participants • 367 Women • 343 Men

Average Time: 00:09:21
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryaffiliationRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
3177Caylix S4th Grade BoysWHITMAN11100:03:13.0
683Levi L5th Grade BoysWHITMAN21100:05:43.7
4488Eli W6th Grade BoysCOOPER32100:05:44.6
1712Owen A6th Grade BoysSIA43200:05:48.8
1457Jackson A5th Grade BoysLONGFELLOW54200:05:58.3
681Kaleb P5th Grade BoysWHITMAN65300:05:58.5
4681Krystian P5th Grade BoysREGAL76400:05:58.7
165Alex M6th Grade BoysARLINGTON87300:06:03.6
1711Hayden A6th Grade BoysSIA98400:06:12.2
502Fareed L6th Grade BoysBEMISS109500:06:12.6
1717Levi T6th Grade BoysSIA1110600:06:14.2
2389* **5th Grade BoysLIDGERWOOD1211500:06:15.4
4672Christopher M5th Grade BoysREGAL1312600:06:16.5
175Vasiliy S5th Grade BoysARLINGTON1413700:06:21.3
4089Paul K5th Grade BoysCOOPER1514800:06:21.8
3578Jacob S4th Grade BoysLOGAN1616100:06:23.9
4486Carder S6th Grade BoysCOOPER1615700:06:22.8
1714Liam R6th Grade BoysSIA1716800:06:24.4
122Connor W4th Grade BoysARLINGTON1817100:06:25.4
3585Sawyer T6th Grade BoysLOGAN1918900:06:26.6
147Andrey G6th Grade BoysARLINGTON20191000:06:26.7
4056Isaac W3rd Grade BoysCOOPER2120100:06:28.2
3179Everett L4th Grade BoysWHITMAN2221200:06:30.0
1443Bejamin B4th Grade BoysLONGFELLOW2322300:06:30.4
3584Brandon S6th Grade BoysLOGAN24231100:06:33.1
679Jake B5th Grade BoysWHITMAN2524900:06:33.5
2391Amaiyah L6th Grade GirlsLIDGERWOOD261100:06:33.8
2403Monica A6th Grade GirlsLIDGERWOOD262100:06:34.2
4637Kane B4th Grade BoysREGAL2725400:06:34.9
260Marshall L3rd Grade BoysSIA2826200:06:35.2
145Naveyah T6th Grade GirlsARLINGTON293200:06:35.9
484Ronnie M4th Grade BoysBEMISS3027500:06:37.6
1406Chance K2nd Grade BoysLONGFELLOW3128100:06:38.2
118Anthony G6th Grade BoysARLINGTON32291200:06:38.4
4093* **5th Grade BoysCOOPER33301000:06:40.9
430Dusten G5th Grade BoysBEMISS34311100:06:41.2
81Brady K5th Grade BoysARLINGTON35321100:06:41.2
1702Connor G5th Grade BoysSIA36331200:06:42.7
1709Aaron S5th Grade BoysSIA37341300:06:43.1
264Adan H3rd Grade BoysSIA3835300:06:43.5

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Name: SPS Active 4 Youth Cross Country Hays Park Meet 9.27
Date: 2017-09-27
Location: Spokane, WA
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