CV Active 4 Youth Cross Country Central Valley Meet #1

2017-10-04 • 1/2 Mile

137 Participants • 62 Women • 75 Men

Average Time: 00:04:46
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryaffiliationCat. PlaceFinish
5224Daylen L1st Grade BoysSUNRISE100:03:13.9
5419Cooper O1st Grade BoysPROGRESS200:03:15.6
5114Caden S1st Grade BoysLIBERTY CREEK300:03:21.1
5102Madox H1st Grade BoysLIBERTY CREEK400:03:22.1
5230Mj S1st Grade BoysSUNRISE500:03:24.5
4507Preston T1st Grade BoysADAMS600:03:26.4
5212Gust C1st Grade BoysSUNRISE700:03:39.0
5113Hudson S1st Grade BoysLIBERTY CREEK800:03:39.7
5222Lucas L1st Grade BoysSUNRISE900:03:43.1
5209Owen B1st Grade BoysSUNRISE1000:03:43.5
5115Grayson S1st Grade BoysLIBERTY CREEK1100:03:45.2
5234Kate T1st Grade GirlsSUNRISE100:03:46.6
5112Joshua R1st Grade BoysLIBERTY CREEK1200:03:49.7
4801Benjamin B1st Grade BoysGREENACRES1300:03:50.4
5210Denni B1st Grade GirlsSUNRISE200:03:51.7
4781Shae C1st Grade GirlsLIBERTY CREEK300:03:54.3
5417Ella M1st Grade GirlsPROGRESS400:03:54.6
4831Magaly M1st Grade GirlsGREENACRES500:03:55.2
5215Weston F1st Grade BoysSUNRISE1400:03:57.1
5097Tyler D1st Grade BoysLIBERTY CREEK1500:03:58.2
4826* **1st Grade GirlsGREENACRES600:03:58.6
5111Wyatt R1st Grade BoysLIBERTY CREEK1600:03:59.4
4777Kelsey A1st Grade GirlsLIBERTY CREEK700:04:00.0
4817Kaedyn M1st Grade GirlsGREENACRES800:04:00.2
5096Connor D1st Grade BoysLIBERTY CREEK1700:04:00.9
4830Evelyn H1st Grade GirlsGREENACRES900:04:00.9
4816London H1st Grade GirlsGREENACRES1000:04:01.4
4807Jaxon B1st Grade BoysGREENACRES1800:04:02.1
5233Ethan S1st Grade BoysSUNRISE1900:04:02.4
4504Aiden M1st Grade BoysADAMS2000:04:04.2
5904Bridger T1st Grade BoysLIBERTY CREEK2100:04:05.7
5109Aiden M1st Grade BoysLIBERTY CREEK2200:04:07.1
5105Gavin H1st Grade BoysLIBERTY CREEK2200:04:07.1
5084Britton H1st Grade BoysLIBERTY CREEK2300:04:07.7
5422Emery S1st Grade BoysPROGRESS2400:04:11.3
4776Amelia A1st Grade GirlsLIBERTY CREEK1100:04:12.0
5093Padraig B1st Grade BoysLIBERTY CREEK2500:04:12.1
5208* **1st Grade BoysSUNRISE2600:04:12.8
5614Kendall L1st Grade GirlsSUMMIT1200:04:13.2
5090Adriana W1st Grade GirlsLIBERTY CREEK1300:04:13.8

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Name: CV Active 4 Youth Cross Country Central Valley Meet #1
Date: 2017-10-04
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