Coeur d'Fondo

2017-09-23 • Centro Fondo

34 Participants • 15 Women • 19 Men

Average Time: 04:08:02
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
1319Jeremy SOARSCentro Fondo M11102:20:51.4
1300Wes RASMUSSENCentro Fondo M22203:07:00.3
1294Derek SANDINCentro Fondo M33303:22:07.4
1141Amy SCHADECentro Fondo F41103:22:57.2
1310Miriam SCUKACentro Fondo F52203:25:48.6
1288Cheska DIETSCHCentro Fondo F63303:39:43.5
1318Joseph HOISINGTONCentro Fondo M74403:46:41.5
1299Jeffrey CLEMENSCentro Fondo M85503:47:41.7
1317Joshua BAUTECentro Fondo M96603:47:57.0
1304Doug SCHROEDERCentro Fondo M107704:00:20.2
1325Troy BLOODCentro Fondo M118804:00:58.9
1324Shaun ENDSLEYCentro Fondo F124404:01:00.2
1314Kasey GARVEYCentro Fondo F135504:01:06.1
1311Bart BELKNAPCentro Fondo M149904:01:09.9
1285Matt FITTERERCentro Fondo M15101004:01:13.8
1305Dave SCHROEDERCentro Fondo M16111104:04:00.2
1291Casey WEIGCentro Fondo F176604:10:03.8
1293Larry DEBARDICentro Fondo M18121204:10:04.6
1286Homer WALLSCentro Fondo M19131304:21:08.9
1307Glenn BROWNCentro Fondo M20141404:31:29.4
1308Elaine BROWNCentro Fondo F217704:31:29.8
1277Darla AUSTINCentro Fondo F228804:33:37.2
1276Shawna CLEGGCentro Fondo F239904:33:46.3
1316Solomon BRUMBAUGHCentro Fondo M24151504:51:42.8
1309Jake TUCKERCentro Fondo M25161604:51:43.3
1322Bettie HANSENCentro Fondo F26101004:51:44.2
629Dottie BREMSCentro Fondo F27111104:51:44.6
1323Bonnie HENRYCentro Fondo F28121204:58:29.4
1306Terry GURNOCentro Fondo M29171705:03:43.1
1136Dawn Katherine MORGANCentro Fondo F30131305:06:30.8
1320Mike JACKSONCentro Fondo M31181805:13:58.8
1122Sandee MCKINNEYCentro Fondo F32141405:30:23.0
1312Scott RUDYCentro Fondo M33191905:30:24.3
1135Callie BEACHCentro Fondo F

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Name: Coeur d'Fondo
Date: 2017-09-23
Location: Coeur d'Alene, ID
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