SPS Active 4 Youth Cross Country Grant Park Meet 10.9

2017-10-09 • 1/2 Mile

125 Participants • 63 Women • 62 Men

Average Time: 00:05:23
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryaffiliationCat. PlaceFinish
1977Morgan Y1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysHAMBLEN100:03:37.0
4339Marcus J1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysMULLAN ROAD200:03:37.1
1964Brekin K1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysHAMBLEN300:03:50.8
4332* **1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsMULLAN ROAD100:03:52.5
766Josiah H1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysMULLAN ROAD400:03:57.6
2914Kendall V1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsMORAN PRAIRIE200:03:58.3
4341Piper P1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsMULLAN ROAD300:04:05.4
2618Owen S1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysLINCOLN HEIGHTS500:04:08.4
3403Hudson K1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysFRANKLIN600:04:11.2
2621Malaz S1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsLINCOLN HEIGHTS400:04:11.2
2616Alexander M1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysLINCOLN HEIGHTS700:04:11.3
360Gavin J1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysODYSSEY800:04:12.0
3402Reagan S1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsFRANKLIN500:04:13.7
773Arias C1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysMULLAN ROAD900:04:14.4
4350Blake Z1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysMULLAN ROAD1000:04:15.3
2907Laila J1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsMORAN PRAIRIE600:04:15.5
1955Joshua C1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysHAMBLEN1100:04:15.7
2901Kate B1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsMORAN PRAIRIE700:04:17.5
4340Ryan K1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysMULLAN ROAD1200:04:19.5
2620Muzzan S1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsLINCOLN HEIGHTS800:04:20.0
2427Elizabeth H-H1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsADAMS900:04:22.5
4337Mackenzie F1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsMULLAN ROAD1000:04:28.6
3401Mairyn D1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsFRANKLIN1100:04:30.4
2910Reid M1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysMORAN PRAIRIE1300:04:30.7
4331Kendall B1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsMULLAN ROAD1200:04:32.0
1965Keaton L1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysHAMBLEN1400:04:35.1
3094Sam H1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysMORAN PRAIRIE1500:04:35.9
3413Marlee M1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsFRANKLIN1300:04:37.3
2915Caleb W1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysMORAN PRAIRIE1600:04:37.4
4333* **1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysMULLAN ROAD1700:04:39.7
2607Angilena H1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsLINCOLN HEIGHTS1400:04:41.0
1971Connor M1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysHAMBLEN1800:04:41.6
2903Mia C1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsMORAN PRAIRIE1500:04:41.6
2625Alise U1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsLINCOLN HEIGHTS1600:04:42.8
1954* **1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysHAMBLEN1900:04:43.3
1972Kaeden R1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysHAMBLEN2000:04:43.8
4326Basil A1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsMULLAN ROAD1700:04:44.8
2617Liam R1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysLINCOLN HEIGHTS2100:04:45.4
2622* **1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysLINCOLN HEIGHTS2200:04:46.0
1960Calliope G1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsHAMBLEN1800:04:46.8

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Name: SPS Active 4 Youth Cross Country Grant Park Meet 10.9
Date: 2017-10-09
Location: Spokane, WA
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