SPS Active 4 Youth Cross Country Audubon Meet 10.12

2017-10-12 • 1 Mile

592 Participants • 305 Women • 287 Men

Average Time: 00:10:15
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryaffiliationCat. PlaceFinish
4524Jacob B5th Grade BoysWOODRIDGE100:06:23.4
4533Bowden J5th Grade BoysWOODRIDGE200:06:32.0
909Darius S6th Grade BoysSALK100:06:33.2
1397Owen A6th Grade BoysBALBOA200:06:33.3
863Orinn H6th Grade BoysINDIAN TRAIL300:06:47.2
2204Rickey H4th Grade BoysLINWOOD100:06:48.7
1383Soleil S4th Grade BoysBALBOA200:06:50.1
2268Evan S6th Grade BoysLINWOOD400:06:51.3
3929Richard C6th Grade BoysMADISON500:06:51.5
4546Travis H6th Grade BoysWOODRIDGE600:06:52.5
4544Joshua H6th Grade BoysWOODRIDGE700:06:52.8
1371Chase C4th Grade BoysBALBOA300:06:55.3
4528Owen G5th Grade BoysWOODRIDGE300:07:01.3
906Bi R6th Grade BoysSALK800:07:02.1
4510Makenzie F4th Grade GirlsWOODRIDGE100:07:03.0
4530Chase H5th Grade BoysWOODRIDGE400:07:09.3
1370Jaden B4th Grade BoysBALBOA400:07:10.1
1315Abigail F6th Grade GirlsBALBOA100:07:10.7
1679Lucas R5th Grade BoysRIDGEVIEW500:07:11.3
1392Zachary S5th Grade BoysBALBOA600:07:12.6
2232Ryland K5th Grade BoysLINWOOD700:07:14.9
851Dyllan S6th Grade BoysINDIAN TRAIL900:07:15.7
2235Walter P5th Grade BoysLINWOOD800:07:17.3
4511Dylynn G4th Grade BoysWOODRIDGE500:07:21.6
4306Peyton B3rd Grade GirlsWOODRIDGE100:07:21.9
4542Lilli E6th Grade GirlsWOODRIDGE200:07:22.5
4518Brady S4th Grade BoysWOODRIDGE600:07:22.8
4508Garrett C4th Grade BoysWOODRIDGE700:07:23.5
846Jonah M2nd Grade BoysINDIAN TRAIL100:07:24.4
937Kori J6th Grade GirlsWESTVIEW300:07:24.6
912Lauren W6th Grade GirlsSALK400:07:25.6
1400Michael C6th Grade BoysBALBOA1000:07:27.7
3935Hayden S6th Grade BoysMADISON1100:07:28.7
1827Boston R4th Grade BoysWESTVIEW800:07:29.6
1817Jaxon A4th Grade BoysWESTVIEW900:07:29.9
2260Seth B6th Grade BoysLINWOOD1200:07:30.2
1649Mason W3rd Grade BoysRIDGEVIEW100:07:30.3
1396Gabrielle W5th Grade GirlsBALBOA100:07:30.3
830Joseph V3rd Grade BoysINDIAN TRAIL200:07:30.6
1363Cameron R3rd Grade BoysBALBOA300:07:32.7

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Name: SPS Active 4 Youth Cross Country Audubon Meet 10.12
Date: 2017-10-12
Location: Spokane, WA
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