CV Active 4 Youth Cross Country Central Valley Meet #2

2017-10-17 • 1 Mile

540 Participants • 260 Women • 280 Men

Average Time: 00:09:39
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryaffiliationCat. PlaceFinish
5706Max B5th Grade BoysSUNRISE100:04:05.0
5033Kellen H5th Grade BoysLIBERTY LAKE100:06:28.6
5687Lincoln C4th Grade BoysSUNRISE100:06:28.9
5576Beau B5th Grade BoysSUMMIT200:06:31.6
5594Carsyn G4th Grade GirlsSUMMIT100:06:39.4
5570Joseph D5th Grade BoysSUMMIT300:06:42.6
5717Ryan J5th Grade BoysSUNRISE400:06:49.9
5715Dallin H5th Grade BoysSUNRISE500:06:56.6
5694Joseph H4th Grade BoysSUNRISE200:07:01.5
5004Toby E4th Grade BoysLIBERTY LAKE300:07:02.6
5039Jace C5th Grade BoysLIBERTY LAKE600:07:03.2
5572Koah L3rd Grade BoysSUMMIT100:07:05.4
5598Jenna H4th Grade GirlsSUMMIT200:07:07.0
5456Izzie O5th Grade GirlsPROGRESS200:07:07.6
5068Preston R5th Grade BoysLIBERTY LAKE700:07:08.6
5675Grace S3rd Grade GirlsSUNRISE100:07:12.2
5665Beckam L3rd Grade BoysSUNRISE200:07:14.4
5454Zachery G5th Grade BoysPROGRESS800:07:14.9
5726Derek S5th Grade BoysSUNRISE900:07:15.1
4974Faith R3rd Grade GirlsLIBERTY LAKE200:07:15.3
4889Grant E4th Grade BoysGREENACRES400:07:16.6
5574Braden M5th Grade BoysSUMMIT1000:07:16.9
5645Carson S2nd Grade BoysSUNRISE100:07:17.9
5448Kathrine K4th Grade GirlsPROGRESS300:07:19.4
5698Mackenzie M4th Grade GirlsSUNRISE300:07:19.4
5683Owen B4th Grade BoysSUNRISE500:07:21.2
5023Zackary S4th Grade BoysLIBERTY LAKE600:07:22.2
5535Kamden L5th Grade BoysGREENACRES1100:07:22.8
5013Charlie L4th Grade BoysLIBERTY LAKE700:07:23.7
4988Caitlin S4th Grade GirlsLIBERTY LAKE400:07:23.8
5597Chloe V4th Grade GirlsSUMMIT500:07:25.6
5704John T4th Grade BoysSUNRISE800:07:26.3
5025Landon S4th Grade BoysLIBERTY LAKE800:07:26.3
5638Ryder O2nd Grade BoysSUNRISE200:07:26.3
5708Avery B5th Grade GirlsSUNRISE300:07:26.4
5026Sierra T4th Grade GirlsLIBERTY LAKE600:07:26.6
5689Canon D4th Grade BoysSUNRISE900:07:26.8
5699* **4th Grade BoysSUNRISE1000:07:27.5
5719Taylor K5th Grade BoysSUNRISE1200:07:28.2
4997Gretchyn C4th Grade GirlsLIBERTY LAKE700:07:30.0

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Name: CV Active 4 Youth Cross Country Central Valley Meet #2
Date: 2017-10-17
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