Station to Station Fun Run

2017-10-06 • 5K

35 Participants • 22 Women • 13 Men

Average Time: 00:43:00
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
446Bethany TUFFORD5K Overall Female11100:23:12.8
447John TUFFORD5K F 40-4921100:23:53.1
474Cedro RODRIGUEZ5K Overall Male32100:25:51.0
460Kennedy TAYLOR5K M 11-1943100:29:03.2
461Chelsea TAYLOR5K F 40-4952200:29:03.3
465Josie LEE5K F 11-1963100:30:15.7
340Owen WATERS5K M 10 & Under74100:32:24.9
469Trish WICKSTROM5K F 50-5984100:34:09.5
470Ethan WICKSTROM5K M 11-1995200:35:09.1
464Olivia LEE5K F 10 & Under105100:35:29.6
443Kerry LEE5K M 50-59116100:35:29.6
442Michelle HARE5K M 40-49127100:36:54.0
444Heather ROMERO5K M 40-49138200:37:54.4
451Jordan MYERS5K F 11-19149200:40:02.9
450Clayton MYERS5K M 11-19156300:40:28.4
463Randy REYNOLD5K M 50-59167200:44:20.9
448Bonnie WATERS5K M 30-391710100:44:21.7
452Kimberly MYERS5K F 30-391811100:45:50.4
449Chad MYERS5K M 30-39198200:45:50.5
471Jodi MCELROY5K F 50-592012200:50:57.7
473Ryleeanne MCELROY5K F 10 & Under2113200:50:58.0
453Wade CAMPBELL5K M 40-49229300:52:54.9
454Kim CHRISTENSEN5K F 40-492314300:52:55.6
456Chelci FEBUS5K F 11-192415300:54:22.6
457Mckenna BECKER5K F 20-292516100:54:29.4
472Lacey YOUNG5K F 20-292617200:54:50.9
440Caryn GEORGE5K M 30-392718300:54:51.1
458Jimmy GRELO5K M 30-392810400:54:52.2
475Fern HOMER5K M 40-492911400:58:19.4
467Josh SAVAGE5K M 50-593012300:58:27.0
466Lori SAVAGE5K F 40-493119400:58:29.9
455Jenell BECKER5K F 50-593220300:59:35.7
499Virgina GUTIERREZ5K F 30-393321200:59:36.4
445Rachel SCANZA5K M 30-39
468Jake SAVAGE5K M 20-29

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Name: Station to Station Fun Run
Date: 2017-10-07
Location: Burbank, WA
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