SPS Active 4 Youth Cross Country All City Meet 2017

2017-10-24 • 1 Mile

810 Participants • 374 Women • 436 Men

Average Time: 00:07:34
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryaffiliationCat. PlaceFinish
1916Henry B5th Grade BoysWILSON100:05:38.8
2942Noah W6th Grade BoysMORAN PRAIRIE100:05:45.2
3278Abraham L6th Grade BoysFINCH200:05:49.1
1526Gabe G5th Grade BoysTHE OAKS200:05:50.2
4472Parker D6th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD300:05:52.1
4524Jacob B5th Grade BoysWOODRIDGE300:05:53.2
1527Abe K5th Grade BoysST. ALOYSIUS400:05:53.8
1924Tyler G5th Grade BoysWILSON500:05:59.4
3274Micaiah A6th Grade BoysFINCH400:05:59.6
1118Harper C5th Grade BoysHUTTON600:06:00.8
1532Tate L6th Grade BoysTHE OAKS500:06:02.9
754Patrick L6th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD600:06:06.3
3195Levi L5th Grade BoysWHITMAN700:06:07.0
4462Colin S5th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD800:06:07.2
1533Ethan E6th Grade BoysMOUNT ST. MICHAELS700:06:08.0
1563Nate W6th Grade BoysGRANT800:06:08.3
1712Owen A6th Grade BoysSIA800:06:08.3
2204Rickey H4th Grade BoysLINWOOD100:06:09.9
1528Chase F5th Grade BoysALL SAINTS900:06:10.1
4427Rio G4th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD200:06:10.2
1520Nathan N4th Grade BoysST. THOMAS MORE/ASSUMPTION300:06:10.4
1145Jameson S6th Grade BoysHUTTON900:06:11.1
1128Andrew N5th Grade BoysHUTTON1000:06:11.3
1531Alexander W5th Grade BoysST. ALOYSIUS1100:06:12.3
165Alex M6th Grade BoysARLINGTON1000:06:13.2
4488Eli W6th Grade BoysCOOPER1100:06:13.7
1140Jennifer N6th Grade GirlsHUTTON100:06:13.7
1102Beau D4th Grade BoysHUTTON400:06:13.8
4440Gaje V4th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD500:06:14.0
1530Hrair G5th Grade BoysCATALDO1200:06:14.3
1521Ryan C4th Grade BoysST. THOMAS MORE/ASSUMPTION600:06:14.8
1522Riley A4th Grade BoysALL SAINTS700:06:15.1
1141Seth N6th Grade BoysHUTTON1200:06:15.5
909Darius S6th Grade BoysSALK1300:06:15.9
1397Owen A6th Grade BoysBALBOA1400:06:17.5
1457Jackson A5th Grade BoysLONGFELLOW1300:06:17.6
1112Tyler R4th Grade BoysHUTTON800:06:17.9
2941Colby L6th Grade BoysMORAN PRAIRIE1500:06:18.0
3887Kirkos M5th Grade BoysROOSEVELT1400:06:18.1
4208Tyler M3rd Grade BoysJEFFERSON100:06:18.4

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Name: SPS Active 4 Youth Cross Country All City Meet 2017
Date: 2017-10-24
Location: Spokane, WA
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