Singapore International Duathlon

2017-11-12 • Standard

354 Participants • 64 Women • 288 Men

Average Time: 02:31:09
Due to the weather, the event was forced to cancel while some athletes were still progressing. Finishers without proper split times because of the cancellation are marked "RS-W" which means "Race Suspended-Weather"
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceRun 1BikeRun 2Official Timenote
101Hsien Loong LowM18-2900:56:2801:14:49
102Luqmanul HakimM18-29
103Nigel LimM18-2900:46:0801:27:23
104Darren TanM18-2901:07:2001:01:53
105Jakkaphong SiangwongM18-2900:39:4101:03:13
106Naufal JeffriM18-2900:49:5501:05:27
107Varun VaitheeswaranM18-2901:15:2400:46:30
108Abu OmarM18-2900:57:2201:13:38
109Muhammad Hakim JailaniM18-2900:56:3301:04:29
110Angelico AquinoM18-2901:16:4000:46:54RS-W
111Benjamin KhooM18-2900:41:1600:59:45
112Ahmad SulaimiM18-2900:57:2101:15:47
113Muhammad Halif Abdul KarimM18-29
114Faridzwan JaafarM18-2901:01:4601:02:13
115Andy BowieM18-2900:56:3201:09:19
116Richard FarrenM18-2900:46:5301:11:04
117Mohamed Fazil Nagoor GaniM18-2900:50:1601:13:56
118Brandon TungM18-2900:45:5001:00:53
119Alden TohM18-29
120Thomas StephensonM18-2900:46:0801:10:52
121Junhan LinM18-29
122Wai Kit LamM18-29
123Kai Loon, Caron OngM18-29
124Aidan KhooM18-2900:54:4401:20:21
125Ian LooM18-2900:56:3201:17:15
126Joey NgM18-29
127Wei Jin TanM18-29
128Chen ChenM18-2901:10:1400:52:17
129See Sheng LongM18-29
130Sean KohM18-2900:48:2901:04:50
131Daniel MelbourneM18-2901:01:0201:11:29
132Patrick ChngM18-2900:43:5901:12:08
133Aaron FongM18-2900:50:2101:31:43
134Patrick GasserM18-2900:49:1801:03:08
135Winner ManalastasM18-29
136Luca De BesiM18-2900:53:0201:14:43
137George BegleyM18-29
138Eng Joo LeeM30-3900:46:3601:09:48
139Thomas PangM30-39
140Jose PereiraM30-39

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