Chelsea Challenge

2007-10-08 • 5k velo

20 Participants • 9 Women • 11 Men

Average Time: 00:25:16
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. Placegun time
169Lianne SPURDLEF12-11100:15:20.0
167Jack SEYMOURM12-21100:15:25.0
165Kindan MUNROM12-32200:19:26.0
164Jean MUNROF 30-3942100:19:28.0
161Eric GUIMONTM12-53300:19:51.0
227Winn LENNIEF12-63200:20:27.0
225Ian LENNIEM40-5974100:20:28.0
157Meggy CAUNTERF12-84300:23:39.0
160Keegan FITZGIBBONSM12-95400:25:02.0
170Lukus THORPEM12-106500:25:04.0
235Mama HOLDERF12-115400:25:13.0
236Oliver HOLDERM12-127600:25:30.0
238Mario FANERIM60+138100:25:32.0
155Casey BRENNANM12-149700:27:29.0
56Sienna BRENNANF12-156500:27:30.0
158Isaac FARIONM12-1610800:28:30.0
237Kiyo LESTF12-177600:30:24.0
232Christine FAVERIF40-59188100:30:25.0
168Lili SEYMOURF12-199700:35:43.0
156Devin BRENNANM40-592011200:44:46.0

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Name: Chelsea Challenge
Date: 2007-10-08
Location: Chelsea, QC
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