Rattle Me Bones 1999

1999-10-17 • 5K Results

418 Participants • 253 Women • 162 Men

Average Time: 00:27:57
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RankComp.ViewBIBNameCategoryGender PlaceCat. Placegun time
1 1469Scott MACDONALDM20-291100:15:30.9
2 1467Richard CHARETTEM30-392100:15:49.0
3 1270Richard STERNM30-393200:15:57.1
4 1525David SAVILLEM30-394300:16:23.3
5 1579Rob LIVINGSTONEM40-495100:16:35.1
6 1125Mark HULETTM20-296200:17:18.4
7 1315Frank WRIGHTM30-397400:17:21.2
8 1268Larry SQUIRESM30-398500:17:24.8
9 1271Dave STEWARTM50-599100:17:27.4
10 1164Brian LUCASM20-2910300:17:28.4

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