Defi des Escaliers

2009-06-28 • 15km marche

20 Participants • 11 Women • 9 Men

Average Time: 02:08:09
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. Placegun time
397PIERRE COURCYM30-3911101:31:33.1
527ESTHER FORTINF20-2921101:48:23.2
224SARAH HAMELF30-3932101:48:43.4
225LYNE GRENIERF20-2943101:48:44.0
323EDOUARD CHRETIENM50-5952101:51:28.0
375CLAUDINE SIMARDF40-4964101:51:39.4
444MATHIEU LACHANCEM20-2973101:53:03.7
508FRANCOIS PARROTM40-4984101:57:42.7
369LUCIE ROUSSEAUF40-4995201:57:43.3
31JEAN GAGNEM50-59105201:58:53.4
44CATHERINE THERIAULTF40-49116301:59:31.4
470YVES LECLERCM40-49126202:01:09.2
524ANNE-MARIE BELANGERF30-39137102:05:13.6
43YVES TURGEONM40-49147302:05:59.8
71GUY GODINM40-49158402:12:05.1
531INGRID DALLAIREF40-49168402:18:50.7
440DENYSE FORTINF50-59179102:40:57.3
441SHIRLEY GLEASONF40-491810502:40:57.5
535GINETTE FORTINF50-591911103:05:08.5
536MAGELLA ROBERGEM50-59209103:05:09.8

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Name: Defi des Escaliers
Date: 2009-06-28
Location: Quebec, QC
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