Delta Half Marathon and 5K

2012-08-12 • 5 km

43 Participants • 20 Women • 23 Men

Average Time: 00:31:54
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. Placegun time
4030Malcolm SMILLIENO AGE11100:23:55.1
4014Alaric FISHNO AGE22200:23:57.8
4002Emily ALLINNO AGE31100:24:25.6
4031Robert SMITHNO AGE43300:24:51.1
4019Jack MACDOUGALLNO AGE54400:25:12.0
4137Anthony NIXONNO AGE65500:25:50.2
3871Jason LAVEILLENO AGE76600:26:01.5
4059James CASSELLNO AGE87700:26:30.8
3861Caitlin WITTREICHNO AGE92200:26:34.3
4018Edwin LIUNO AGE108800:26:48.8
3856 NO AGE119900:26:49.2
4006Brian BROWNNO AGE12101000:27:26.8
4040Scotty WOODWARDNO AGE13111100:27:40.1
4038Jen WILSONNO AGE143300:28:07.2
4008Robert CLARKNO AGE15121200:28:19.4
3858Brad SLAWSKYNO AGE16131300:28:33.7
4017Valerie LEBLANCNO AGE174400:28:47.9
4020Fainne MARTINNO AGE185500:28:48.3
4007Scott BURTONNO AGE19141400:28:55.3
4009Carla COTÉNO AGE206600:29:47.9
4010Christian COTÉNO AGE21151500:29:48.1
4003Carolyn ANDERSONNO AGE227700:30:23.6
4041Brent YERXANO AGE23161600:30:57.8
4011Mike DOMANNO AGE24171700:30:57.9
4012Ron EELESNO AGE25181800:31:25.2
4028Vanessa RUSSELLNO AGE268800:31:47.0
4027Justin RUSSELLNO AGE27191900:31:47.1
4035Brenda WALLNO AGE289900:32:23.8
4013Susan ENNSNO AGE29101000:33:40.5
4026Sandra REEVESNO AGE30111100:33:47.7
4005Joyce BEVERIDGENO AGE31121200:34:22.4
4021Teri MCNEVINNO AGE32131300:34:56.0
4181Tine BURSEYNO AGE33141400:35:35.4
4182Ray BURSEYNO AGE34202000:35:35.5
4033Alexandre THIBODEAUNO AGE35212100:37:30.0
4004Martina AQUINGNO AGE36151500:38:02.4
4034Joyce THIBODEAUNO AGE37161600:38:09.9
4037James WARDNO AGE38222200:41:56.0
4036Gregory WARDWC39-391100:41:58.8
4016Sandi HILDEBRANTNO AGE40171700:42:22.7

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Name: Delta Half Marathon and 5K
Date: 2012-08-12
Location: Delta, BC
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