Courses Thematiques Le tour de l'horloge

2018-04-08 • 8 km - marche rapide

9 Participants • 7 Women • 2 Men

Average Time: 01:05:43
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RankComp.ViewBIBNameCityCategoryGender PlaceCat. PlaceSplit 1Official Timechip time
1 2139Evane MichouxMontrealF30-391100:20:0600:48:46.500:48:21.2
2 2134Frederic LoubensMontrealM40-491100:22:2200:59:54.000:58:06.8
3 2234Gaby LocasCandiacF40-492100:25:3101:03:30.301:02:44.6
4 2147Simonne Poulin MvSt-Georges Beauce QuebecF70+3100:25:3201:04:07.101:03:21.4
5 1888Kaden SyrenneLorraineM20-292100:26:0701:08:12.001:06:31.0
6 1880Francoise GauthierMontrealF50-594100:26:4401:08:12.701:06:28.9
7 1887Michaela SyrenneLorraineF20-295100:28:2001:14:33.401:12:53.0
8 1889Melanie Horvath SyrenneLorraineF40-496200:29:5501:17:17.201:15:36.1
9 1891Josee CyrChektseyF40-497300:33:2901:18:14.201:17:17.9

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