Smiths Falls Classic Runs

2018-06-23 • 5 Km Run

23 Participants • 10 Women • 13 Men

Average Time: 00:27:30
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Time
14Jacob MCLEANM13-11100:19:03.6
18Cory ROBINSONM35-3922100:21:26.2
21Lyna VEILLETTEF35-3931100:22:06.7
28Peter MOODYM40-4443100:22:27.2
8Jessica GRACEF30-3452100:22:30.5
11Rebecca GREERF14-1563100:22:37.3
7Marc-Jean GAGNEM55-5974100:23:05.4
6Harry DE ROOM60-6485100:24:00.0
15Nate MCLEANM13-96200:24:16.7
25Chuck CHARLTONM60-64107200:24:41.9
27Riley GOLDSMITHM13-118300:25:35.9
12Beatrice KNAPPF13-124100:26:40.4
4Tj CATESM14-15139100:26:44.8
20Brian SMITHM65-691410100:27:11.9
1Genevieve AUDETF40-44155100:28:17.4
29Zack MOOREM13-1611400:28:35.2
5Roxann COOKF50-54176100:30:19.1
2Daryl BOSZORMENYIM18-191812100:31:16.2
19Ryker SMITHM13-1913500:32:30.3
17Lydia PRATTAthena207100:35:37.2
13Allie LICARIF13-218200:36:36.8
22Melissa LICARIF35-39229200:36:38.0
3Diane CASAULTF50-542310200:40:11.0

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Name: Smiths Falls Classic Runs
Date: 2018-06-23
Location: Smiths Falls, ON
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Wylie Ryan 2Km View Results
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