Mud Hero Manitoba

2018-07-14 • Ultra 10km

649 Participants • 151 Women • 182 Men

Average Time: 01:43:23
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Timewave time
7021Ethan RockeM40-4411100:46:05.3
7113Anthony DensmoreM35-3922100:47:08.0
7213Riley MacCharlesM25-2933100:48:01.8
7179Marin KeemanNO AGE4100:48:04.7
7368Bib Number 7368NO AGE5200:49:03.7
5000 NO AGE6300:49:05.3
5080 NO AGE7400:49:25.3
7048Luc BernabeNO AGE8500:51:25.7
7020Tracy RockeF35-3991100:52:03.0
7191James KrockerNO AGE10600:52:06.7
5081 NO AGE11700:52:09.7
5001 NO AGE12800:52:25.8
7162Joshua KoslowskyNO AGE13900:52:53.7
7442Jason WiensM20-24144100:53:27.2
5002 NO AGE151000:53:27.7
7248Ryan FroeseM35-39165200:53:29.5
7015Jeff PennerM30-34176100:53:43.4
7002Daniel BussieresM30-34187200:53:58.6
7001Denver HildebrandM30-34198300:53:59.0
5003 NO AGE201100:54:13.1
7171Drew AsselNO AGE211200:54:26.0
5004 NO AGE221300:54:55.0
7211Colton DoersanNO AGE231400:58:12.5
7363Brennan MurphyNO AGE241500:58:39.2
5005 NO AGE251600:58:40.9
7004Marlon AndersonM45-49269100:58:55.4
7366Johnny LoewesNO AGE271700:59:09.9
5077 NO AGE281800:59:27.6
7374Christopher CallaghanNO AGE291901:00:04.8
7350Timothy AbbottNO AGE302001:00:05.4
7095Vikrah BansalNO AGE312101:00:05.7
5006 NO AGE322201:00:17.1
7510Vannessa Louse PopeNO AGE332301:00:24.7
5007 NO AGE342401:00:52.3
5008 NO AGE352501:00:52.7
7103Amanda BoneNO AGE3612601:00:57.4
7050David OgrenM50-543710101:01:17.1
5009 NO AGE382701:01:56.7
5082 NO AGE392801:02:09.6
7275Erik TycholizM20-244011201:02:11.5

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Name: Mud Hero Manitoba
Date: 2018-07-14
Location: Winnipeg, MB
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