2018-08-19 • Sprint Triathlon Relay

16 Participants • 1 Women • 12 Men

Average Time: 01:22:52
Filter Results:
RankComp.ViewBIBteam nameCategorySwimBikeRunFinish
1 430Team X3Relay00:14:4300:32:0400:18:5401:06:45.6
2 433The Serb NationRelay00:15:4000:30:4700:20:5501:08:40.9
3 1250HBSRelay00:14:1300:30:4500:25:5001:12:29.2
4 422Brown s SportsRelay00:19:0300:34:4300:17:1501:12:37.2
5 421BraCaJaRelay00:15:0200:37:5800:20:4101:14:55.3
6 423CAC ExpressRelay00:15:5300:34:0200:24:2401:15:51.7
7 426Rocksteady RydazRelay00:16:4400:38:4500:20:3501:17:24.8
8 432The Nine NineRelay00:18:1400:38:1100:27:2701:25:22.7
9 424Damn DanielRelay00:16:2400:41:2200:26:5201:26:38.5
10 428Team LeBrontoRelay00:16:0000:38:0000:33:4501:29:22.7

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