Relais 2 Heures

2018-10-14 • Relais 1h scolaire

98 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

Average Time: 00:57:13
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Comp.BIBNameCategoryRankCat. PlacelapsOfficial Time
13Team Au Coeur Des Monts 1MINIME114200:56:48.0
81Team Ste-Rosalie 1MINIME224200:56:53.1
10Team Academie Des Sacres-Coeurs 10MINIME334200:57:40.5
70Team Saint-Sacrement 8MINIME444200:57:47.4
61Team Romeo-Forbes 2MINIME554000:56:53.8
22Team Assomption 1MINIME664000:57:32.4
100Team St-Thomas 3MINIME773900:57:35.1
55Team Douville 12MINIME883800:56:38.0
68Team Saint-Sacrement 7MINIME993800:57:33.6
14Team Au Coeur Des Monts 2MINIME10103800:57:53.8
103Team Academie Des Sacres-Coeurs 13MINIME11113800:57:57.4
9Team Academie Des Sacres-Coeurs 9MINIME12123700:56:36.0
65Team Saint-Sacrement 4MINIME13133700:56:47.3
43Team Bjsc 14MINIME14143700:56:49.3
102Team St-Thomas 5MINIME15153700:57:31.1
17Team Au Coeur Des Monts 5MINIME16163600:56:46.3
21Team Au Coeur Des Monts 9MINIME17173600:56:48.2
19Team Au Coeur Des Monts 7MINIME18183600:56:54.0
44Team Douville 1MINIME19193600:57:07.8
35Team Bjsc 6MINIME20203600:57:08.0
16Team Au Coeur Des Monts 4MINIME21213600:57:25.7
87Team Ste-Rosalie 7MINIME22223600:57:48.0
40Team Bjsc 11MINIME23233500:56:39.4
18Team Au Coeur Des Monts 6MINIME24243500:56:55.2
11Team Academie Des Sacres-Coeurs 11MINIME25253500:57:09.2
30Team Bjsc 1MINIME26263500:57:41.0
12Team Academie Des Sacres-Coeurs 12MINIME27273500:57:46.5
73Team Lafontaine 4MINIME28283500:57:52.5
60Team Romeo-Forbes 1MINIME29293500:57:54.4
66Team Saint-Sacrement 5MINIME30303400:56:27.6
67Team Saint-Sacrement 6MINIME31313400:56:37.5
7Team Academie Des Sacres-Coeurs 7MINIME32323400:56:43.0
82Team Ste-Rosalie 2MINIME33333400:57:06.0
41Team Bjsc 12MINIME34343400:57:11.5
37Team Bjsc 8MINIME35353400:57:19.1
33Team Bjsc 4MINIME36363400:57:23.9
25Team Assomption 4MINIME37373400:57:31.9
15Team Au Coeur Des Monts 3MINIME38383400:57:34.0
42Team Bjsc 13MINIME39393400:57:37.2
5Team Academie Des Sacres-Coeurs 5MINIME40403400:57:50.8

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