Wednesday Night Mountain Bike Series #3

2018-05-16 • One Lapper

122 Participants • 30 Women • 92 Men

Average Time: 00:53:42
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
199Robert ESTUAR1 Lapper 40-49 Male11100:35:36.4
184Tracy SKAY1 Lapper 50-59 Male22100:36:24.4
176Rob WAGNER1 Lapper 50-59 Male33200:37:16.1
232Bill DOWNEY1 Lapper 40-49 Male44200:37:42.9
140Thomas CALDER1 Lapper 14 & Under Male55100:38:25.8
148Jackson BULGER1 Lapper 19-29 Male66100:38:27.4
205John OSTERBACK1 Lapper 50-59 Male77300:38:41.2
122Robert DIESBURG1 Lapper 40-49 Male88300:38:57.7
236Matthew DOLAN1 Lapper 40-49 Male99400:39:01.1
188Harley DOBSON1 Lapper 30-39 Male1010100:39:20.5
255Ted HILL1 Lapper 40-49 Male1111500:39:20.6
180Eric WORDEN1 Lapper 40-49 Male1212600:39:49.3
345Nathan BOUCHER1 Lapper 19-29 Male1313200:39:58.3
150Joel FIELDS1 Lapper 50-59 Male1414400:40:16.6
194Keaton SUMPTER1 Lapper 14 & Under Male1515200:40:22.2
251Randy MONROE1 Lapper 50-59 Male1616500:40:56.8
130Alex RYSE1 Lapper 14 & Under Male1717300:41:14.7
206Jill YOTZ1 Lapper 30-39 Female181100:41:19.3
189Lynn STRYKER1 Lapper 40+ Female192100:41:20.4
143Duane CROCKETT1 Lapper 60+ Male2018100:41:37.2
137Henry LOHSTROH1 Lapper 14 & Under Male2119400:42:07.2
268Matthew TROUTFETTER1 Lapper 40-49 Male2220700:42:24.3
167Noah KUHN1 Lapper 14 & Under Male2321500:42:33.5
344Garrett NEWELL1 Lapper 15-18 Male2422100:42:37.6
294Tyler CLEMENTS1 Lapper 40-49 Male2523800:42:58.3
183Jonathan HAWKINS1 Lapper 60+ Male2624200:43:06.4
136Daryl LOHSTROH1 Lapper 50-59 Male2725600:43:27.1
222Evan SCHWEIFLER1 Lapper 15-18 Male2826200:43:56.0
315John BERTAGNOLLI1 Lapper 50-59 Male2927700:44:06.7
258Kevin BUSCH1 Lapper 30-39 Male3028200:44:21.4
108Harrison OMINE1 Lapper 14 & Under Male3129600:44:30.0
264Ryan KYLE1 Lapper 40-49 Male3230900:44:33.5
302Brendan TILLMANN1 Lapper 14 & Under Male3331700:44:35.1
124Dan HESSKAMP1 Lapper 50-59 Male3432800:44:35.3
185Robert BOUCHER1 Lapper 19-29 Male3533300:44:36.3
123Amy DIESBURG1 Lapper 40+ Female363200:44:37.4
259Alex EMENEGGER1 Lapper 19-29 Male3734400:44:38.6
226Charles PARSONS1 Lapper 15-18 Male3835300:44:44.1
275Rowan ONEIL1 Lapper 14 & Under Male3936800:44:44.7
119Keith WALKER1 Lapper 60+ Male4037300:44:48.9

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Name: Wednesday Night Mountain Bike Series #3
Date: 2018-05-16
Location: Spokane, WA
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