Wednesday Night Mountain Bike Series #6

2018-06-06 • Two Lapper

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. Placelap 1lap 2Finish
378Jake YACKLE2 Lapper 18 & Under Male11100:26:0900:26:5200:53:01.8
235Travis MONROE2 Lapper 18-29 Male22100:26:1700:27:0300:53:20.1
215Mike GAERTNER2 Lapper 40-49 Male33100:26:1700:27:1100:53:28.3
346Peter ADAMS2 Lapper 30-39 Male44100:27:2200:27:4800:55:10.6
131Tom RYSE2 Lapper 40-49 Male55200:27:2300:27:4800:55:11.5
212Dan GARRETT2 Lapper 40-49 Male66300:27:2300:27:4800:55:11.7
229Kris HOLDEN2 Lapper 40-49 Male77300:27:2300:27:4800:55:11.7
165Brian KUHN2 Lapper 40-49 Male88400:27:2300:27:5000:55:13.4
300Dylan POLLARD2 Lapper 18 & Under Male99200:27:3600:28:0700:55:43.3
376Nye YACKLE2 Lapper 18 & Under Male1010300:27:3600:28:0700:55:43.6
127Alex POPESCU2 Lapper 18 & Under Male1111400:27:3800:28:0600:55:44.9
138Miles MARTIN2 Lapper 18 & Under Male1212500:27:3700:28:0800:55:45.4
186Jack HESSKAMP2 Lapper 18 & Under Male1313600:27:3600:28:4100:56:17.9
152Colton ELLINGSON2 Lapper 18 & Under Male1414700:29:1000:29:5400:59:04.9
129Jacob RYSE2 Lapper 18 & Under Male1515800:29:1000:29:5500:59:05.2
253Weber PAUL2 Lapper 50-59 Male1616100:29:4300:30:2201:00:05.3
225Jerred GILDEHAUS2 Lapper 50-59 Male1717200:29:4300:30:2201:00:05.8
343Pat KAUTZMAN2 Lapper 50-59 Male1818200:29:4300:30:2201:00:05.8
111Anne FLEMING2 Lapper 40+ Female191100:30:0400:30:5901:01:03.6
223Timothy DUNN2 Lapper 30-39 Male2019200:30:3600:30:2801:01:04.6
424Brian MORRA2 Lapper 18-29 Male2120200:29:1600:31:4801:01:04.8
238Carlos LOPEZ2 Lapper 40-49 Male2221500:29:3700:31:3001:01:07.7
292Murray ALLEN2 Lapper 50-59 Male2322300:30:0400:31:1701:01:21.4
110Ryder FLEMING2 Lapper 18 & Under Male2423900:30:2700:31:0201:01:29.8
128Valentin POPESCU2 Lapper 40-49 Male2524600:30:3500:31:1401:01:49.6
144Seth PETERSON2 Lapper 18-29 Male2625300:30:3100:31:4501:02:16.9
423David MEREDITH2 Lapper 40-49 Male2726700:30:3600:31:4701:02:23.2
227Logan SCHUH2 Lapper 18 & Under Male28271000:30:5900:32:0401:03:03.5
421Trent ARMSTRONG2 Lapper 30-39 Male2928300:31:4100:32:4801:04:29.6
316Rich SHERWOOD2 Lapper 50-59 Male3029400:32:0400:32:5301:04:57.7
276Timothy CRUM2 Lapper 50-59 Male3130500:32:0400:32:5401:04:58.2
192Michael DIEDESCH2 Lapper 30-39 Male3231400:31:2300:33:3701:05:00.3
153Katie COOLEY2 Lapper 40+ Female332200:32:0300:33:0801:05:11.9
285Jackie ALLEN2 Lapper 40+ Female343300:32:0300:33:0901:05:12.0
168Isabell KUHN2 Lapper 14-29 Female354100:32:0500:33:4301:05:48.1
428Rheanne GARRETT2 Lapper 40+ Female365400:32:1300:33:3501:05:48.2
241Kari VOLWILER2 Lapper 30-39 Female376100:32:4000:33:2201:06:02.4
234Shaun MORGEN2 Lapper 50-59 Male3832600:36:1200:30:3401:06:46.6
142Noah SMITH2 Lapper 18 & Under Male39331100:33:1500:34:0001:07:15.7
105Frank BENISH2 Lapper 60+ Male4034100:32:4100:35:1901:08:00.1

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Name: Wednesday Night Mountain Bike Series #6
Date: 2018-06-06
Location: Spokane, WA
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