Wednesday Night Mountain Bike Series #7

2018-06-13 • One Lapper

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
137Henry LOHSTROH1 Lapper 14 & Under Male11101:14:48.5
157Marshall HUNTER1 Lapper 14 & Under Male22201:20:45.8
184Tracy SKAY1 Lapper 50-59 Male33100:36:37.1
402Erik KETTENTON1 Lapper 30-39 Male44100:37:02.1
365John WEHRER1 Lapper 19-29 Male55100:37:45.2
426Kolby KEELING1 Lapper 14 & Under Male66300:38:41.4
176Rob WAGNER1 Lapper 50-59 Male77200:38:48.2
146Jacob NICKLE1 Lapper 15-18 Male88100:38:49.4
429Tim MORAN1 Lapper 50-59 Male99300:38:57.8
148Jackson BULGER1 Lapper 19-29 Male1010200:39:02.4
232Downey BILL1 Lapper 40-49 Male1111100:39:02.7
411Rowdy THOMPSON1 Lapper 19-29 Male1212300:39:17.0
255Ted HILL1 Lapper 40-49 Male1313200:39:23.8
351Ben RADOSLOVICH1 Lapper 30-39 Male1414200:40:17.1
190Ron SIMMONS1 Lapper 50-59 Male1515400:40:17.6
180Eric WORDEN1 Lapper 40-49 Male1616300:40:27.7
322Keegan GRANT1 Lapper 40-49 Male1717400:40:29.2
150Joel FIELDS1 Lapper 50-59 Male1818500:40:31.7
118Dave BRAUN1 Lapper 50-59 Male1919600:41:14.3
440Mike KOCH1 Lapper 40-49 Male2020500:41:58.1
108Harrison OMINE1 Lapper 14 & Under Male2121400:42:01.2
121Ryder KOCH1 Lapper 14 & Under Male2222500:42:06.2
136Daryl LOHSTROH1 Lapper 50-59 Male2323700:42:21.5
115Mike LAUFFER1 Lapper 50-59 Male2424800:42:55.7
189Lynn STRYKER1 Lapper 40+ Female251100:43:01.5
416Ryan WEST1 Lapper 30-39 Male2625300:43:14.5
143Duane CROCKETT1 Lapper 60+ Male2726100:43:44.8
133Maddie SPEARE1 Lapper 15-18 Female282100:43:56.7
359Eric MEYER1 Lapper 40-49 Male2927600:44:07.7
222Evan SCHWEIFLER1 Lapper 15-18 Male3028200:44:12.7
430Rodney MINETTE1 Lapper 14 & Under Male3129600:44:27.2
304Mike NORTHCUTT1 Lapper 40-49 Male3230700:45:13.2
147Chris NICKLE1 Lapper 40-49 Male3331800:45:13.5
270Eric BARRETT1 Lapper 60+ Male3432200:45:14.1
344Garrett NEWELL1 Lapper 15-18 Male3533300:45:50.8
167Noah KUHN1 Lapper 14 & Under Male3634700:45:55.1
290Brayden KIRACOFE1 Lapper 14 & Under Male3735800:45:55.3
375Tracy JOHNSON1 Lapper 50-59 Male3836900:45:58.4
295Trevor RICHARDS1 Lapper 19-29 Male3937400:46:08.9
340Bridger KIRACOFE1 Lapper 14 & Under Male4038900:46:32.9

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Name: Wednesday Night Mountain Bike Series #7
Date: 2018-06-13
Location: Spokane, WA
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