Coeur d'Alene Marathon

2018-05-27 • Marathon Walker

27 Participants • 19 Women • 8 Men

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166Malcolm BOHLMANMarathon M Walker104:10:41
195Mel PREEDYMarathon M Walker204:27:37
191Holly HARRISMarathon F Walker304:52:09
169Amy HALLMarathon F Walker404:53:46
18Caroline BURNETMarathon F Walker505:12:45
139Kimberly STOKESMarathon F Walker605:12:57
172Brad LECOEMarathon M Walker705:31:48
167Meeka BONDMarathon F Walker805:35:51
174Lexie MAHANMarathon F Walker905:42:20
168James FLINNERMarathon M Walker1005:42:20
46Phillip FIELDSMarathon M Walker1106:01:31
111Janice NORTHRUPMarathon F Walker1206:01:58
170Kathi HOOPERMarathon F Walker1306:08:46
176Janice MOYERMarathon F Walker1406:16:31
184Greg TERRYMarathon M Walker1506:19:02
177Sandra PURKEYMarathon F Walker1606:19:19
11Bernadette BISBINGMarathon F Walker1706:25:09
173Robyn MAEHRENMarathon F Walker1806:45:56
179Dana SEAMANMarathon F Walker1906:48:16
159Nancy WENTINKMarathon F Walker2006:48:40
175Kenneth MARKERMarathon M Walker2106:51:28
96Adrienne MCAFEEMarathon F Walker2206:51:40
194Richard OCHOAMarathon M Walker2307:50:14
900Sherry VIZCAINOMarathon F Walker2407:50:39
178Marie SCHAFFMarathon F Walker2508:39:30
165Gloria BASSLERMarathon F Walker
171Kimberly KELLERMarathon F Walker

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