The Ultimate Fitness Run by CoreFIT

2018-06-16 • Competitive

58 Participants • 20 Women • 38 Men

Average Time: 01:58:05
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
1Erik SORENGOverall Male-Competitive11101:14:33.2
5Billy MORSE JR.Overall Male-Competitive22201:15:21.3
4John GILBERTOverall Male-Competitive33301:18:02.7
34Steve KIRSCHKECompetitive M 40-4944101:19:42.0
3Austin CASECompetitive M 30-3955101:19:51.6
2Yuriy YURYEVCompetitive M 30-3966201:22:45.7
7Bennie CROCKERCompetitive M 19-2977101:27:03.1
32Kc CRAVENOverall Female-Competitive81101:29:55.4
24Zack ZUNIGACompetitive M 19-2998201:31:37.5
83Amanda POULOSOverall Female-Competitive102201:33:46.9
52Alana QUISTOverall Female-Competitive113301:34:36.4
53Timothy WOODSCompetitive M 30-39129301:34:43.3
47Jason REUTERCompetitive M 40-491310201:36:44.3
9Ryan MACECompetitive M 19 & Under1411101:38:52.0
13Therese MARTINEZCompetitive F 19-29154101:39:28.4
14Alicia CARLSONCompetitive F 30-39165101:40:35.4
38Steven WATILOCompetitive M 30-391712401:41:07.3
22Brooks LASELLECompetitive M 40-491813301:42:52.4
8Lamar LEWISCompetitive M 30-391914501:44:53.3
12Jessica CAPPARELLICompetitive F 40-49206101:44:53.5
48David KOPFCompetitive M 40-492115401:47:09.9
26Jasper PERALTACompetitive M 30-392216601:53:47.4
11Shayna BEGROVICHCompetitive F 19-29237201:54:23.7
43Dylan HILLCompetitive M 19-292417301:54:33.7
41Chelsey CONVERSECompetitive F 30-39258201:55:38.8
42Joe HILLCompetitive M 40-492618501:56:36.9
35Steve RODGERSCompetitive M 40-492719601:58:07.1
16Shawn BOOMSCompetitive F 40-49289202:00:19.9
15Tara SNIDERCompetitive F 40-492910302:02:51.0
31Janelle BRITTONCompetitive F 30-393011302:03:28.4
39Anthony RUHLECompetitive M 40-493120702:08:28.3
18Diane EVECompetitive F 40-493212402:09:44.0
21Michael SOUTHWORTHCompetitive M 50-593321102:10:46.1
51Ken WALTERSCompetitive M 50-593422202:12:41.6
30Aaron CROOKSCompetitive M 40-493523802:12:46.5
55Hal HUDSONCompetitive M 30-393624702:13:15.5
27Brian NORRISCompetitive M 50-593725302:13:30.0
46Jon MCGOVERNCompetitive M 40-493826902:16:20.5
28Zakary HOSTETLERCompetitive M 19 & Under3927202:17:20.4
40Derek DEFILIPPISCompetitive M 40-4940281002:18:20.9

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Name: The Ultimate Fitness Run by CoreFIT
Date: 2018-06-16
Location: Mt. Spokane, WA
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