The Ultimate Fitness Run by CoreFIT

2018-06-16 • Open

121 Participants • 65 Women • 56 Men

Average Time: 01:37:30
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
120Cameron FERREOverall Male-Open11100:49:52.2
65Adam BLAIROverall Male-Open22200:54:16.6
114Wesley FOOTEOverall Male-Open33300:57:15.3
169Eric FOOTEOpen M 19-2944100:57:32.4
118Gavan SPIESOpen M 30-3955100:58:37.7
117Niko THILMONYOpen M 19-2966200:59:07.1
163Mike CRAVENOpen M 40-4977101:00:09.1
64Kristie BLAIROverall Female-Open81101:03:37.9
119Kevin BUSCHOpen M 30-3998201:05:13.1
87Michael TALLMANOpen M 40-49109201:06:36.3
102Jennifer TISONOverall Female-Open112201:07:27.7
103Jesse AYOTTEOpen M 40-491210301:08:34.8
160Eddie NELSONOpen M 40-491311401:09:37.2
113Chris BINGLEYOpen M 40-491412501:12:31.7
70Gregg BRANTNEROpen M 50-591513101:12:46.6
75Connor TANGEMANOpen M 19-291614301:12:59.6
82Angela KEATTSOverall Female-Open173301:15:53.7
80Luke RABELOpen M 30-391815301:16:32.9
101Jennifer RAUDEBAUGHOpen F 40-49194101:16:35.0
136Amy BRANTNEROpen F 40-49205201:17:09.6
135Mica JOHNSONOpen F 30-39216101:17:12.6
154Jill REUTEROpen F 30-39227201:17:41.4
104Michael LISHOpen M 30-392316401:18:33.9
99Kimberly DEVEREAUXOpen F 40-49248301:18:41.7
172Stacie KLOPFENSTEINOpen F 40-49259401:20:03.0
166Cody SCOLLARDOpen M 30-392617501:20:08.4
73Devon HILLOpen M 19-292718401:20:19.9
79Phil LABRIEOpen M 30-392819601:20:22.5
74Kayla ZOBELOpen F 19-292910101:20:49.7
161Kelly ROBERTONOpen M 40-493020601:21:31.0
81Melissa RABELOpen F 30-393111301:21:55.9
138Alix HERROpen F 30-393212401:22:32.7
90Brandon LIVINGSTONOpen M 30-393321701:22:40.1
91Monica LIVINGSTONOpen F 40-493413501:22:41.6
76Susan CHUOPOpen F 30-393514501:23:35.1
148Alyssa THILMONYOpen F 19-293615201:23:55.8
146Kat TAYLOROpen F 19-293716301:23:59.9
137Lisa BRADLEYOpen F 60 & Over3817101:27:09.5
178Kristin MARKHAMOpen F 40-493918601:27:09.9
147Patty AMORIOpen F 40-494019701:27:25.9

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Name: The Ultimate Fitness Run by CoreFIT
Date: 2018-06-16
Location: Mt. Spokane, WA
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