March for the Fallen

2018-09-08 • 10K

46 Participants • 35 Women • 11 Men

Average Time: 01:47:15
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
1171John ZAMORA10K Male11100:47:30.9
1275Rhea ROSS10K Female21100:49:10.8
278Greg FORSYTH10K Male32200:53:46.9
291Tammy HARR10K Female42200:55:14.0
276Breanna FAUX10K Female53301:02:48.7
398Tessa RIEGEL10K Female64401:04:36.5
490Kijrstjn STAHL10K Female75501:08:38.6
348Cheryl HOLM10K Female86601:10:36.8
299Robyn HIGHBARGER10K Female97701:12:02.9
174Amber BOCCHI10K Female108801:13:12.8
355Lisa JOHNSON10K Female119901:17:51.9
181Ava BROWNELL10K Female12101001:22:11.5
482Karen SMITH10K Female13111101:22:14.7
394Steve PROCTOR10K Male143301:25:06.3
393Samantha PROCTOR10K Female15121201:25:07.0
378Lesley MAXFIELD10K Female16131301:31:50.0
164Xavier ACOSTA10K Male174401:42:26.8
163Jocelyn ACOSTA10K Female18141401:42:27.1
186Catie CARR10K Female19151501:54:54.6
274Michael EISELE10K Male205501:56:27.0
273Connie EISELE10K Female21161601:56:28.3
489Janet SPRENGER10K Female22171702:00:33.2
282Connie GALBREATH10K Female23181802:01:23.0
352Jessica JADERQUIST10K Female24191902:05:03.9
367Shawnie LEWEY10K Female25202002:05:05.9
371Kristi LUTTRULL10K Female26212102:05:07.5
364Kimberly LALLIER10K Female27222202:05:10.9
1266Michele BARRON10K Female28232302:24:50.7
1267Jessie BARRON10K Female29242402:24:54.1
1268John BARRON10K Male306602:25:14.5
391Matt POCH10K Male317702:25:26.4
175Brian BOCCHI10K Male328802:26:21.8
380Jenny MCKEEN10K Female33252502:27:17.5
192Megan COOPER10K Female34262602:27:22.5
178Paul BOCCHI10K Male359902:28:23.1
288Karla GRIMES10K Female36272702:28:34.8
176Brittany BOCCHI10K Female37282802:28:37.8
179Roxanne BOCCHI10K Female38292902:29:03.6
177Janelle BOCCHI10K Female39303002:29:21.9
168Ed BARRON10K Male

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