March for the Fallen

2018-09-08 • 15K Ruck March

26 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

Average Time: 02:37:54
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
493Chad TAYLOR15K Solo Ruck March11102:09:23.8
1128Steve WANLESS15K Solo Ruck March22202:23:06.3
1265Justin TOTH15K Team Ruck March33102:23:09.0
290Kristel HALLSSON15K Solo Ruck March44302:26:25.1
295Richard HENNING15K Solo Ruck March55402:33:22.1
166John ATCHLEY15K Team Ruck March66202:35:05.2
167Lindsey ATCHLEY15K Team Ruck March77302:35:06.1
384Bryce OMAN15K Solo Ruck March88502:35:23.4
500Donnie VAN SICKLE15K Solo Ruck March99602:35:26.3
347Terry HOLLEN15K Team Ruck March1010402:35:31.1
363Susie LABARRE15K Team Ruck March1111502:37:32.9
361Amanda KLAWITTER15K Team Ruck March1212602:37:34.2
381Amanda MCKINNEY15K Team Ruck March1313702:37:34.6
1126Bryce WALKER15K Team Ruck March1414702:37:34.6
376Leslie MALLOY15K Team Ruck March1515802:37:34.8
1143Dustin WILLOUGHBY15K Solo Ruck March1616702:46:43.7
196Eric CRAIN15K Solo Ruck March1717802:50:33.6
285Mike GILL15K Solo Ruck March1818902:50:33.9
1149Mike WRIGHT15K Solo Ruck March19191002:50:37.3
190Halle COLF15K Solo Ruck March20201102:58:21.4
195Sarah COX15K Solo Ruck March21211202:59:10.8
275Joann FARNSWORTH15K Solo Ruck March
358Joshua KENDOLL15K Solo Ruck March
368Kristal LEWIS15K Team Ruck March
390Shante PAYNE15K Team Ruck March
1264Paul DOMPIER15K Team Ruck March

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