Coeur d'Fondo

2018-09-22 • Centro Fondo

101 Participants • 49 Women • 52 Men

Average Time: 04:07:02
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
1367Korey KREIDERCentro Fondo M11102:33:32.0
1398Jim SHEPPARDCentro Fondo M22202:38:39.0
1372Donn LIVONICentro Fondo M33302:51:42.0
1334Joseph CANNINGCentro Fondo M44403:13:45.0
1452Mike MORGANCentro Fondo M55503:15:36.0
1368Brian KULMCentro Fondo M66603:15:38.0
1332Donna CALLAHANCentro Fondo F71103:17:53.0
1460Jaclyn PARROTTCentro Fondo F82203:19:25.0
1363Jonathan KALISVAARTCentro Fondo M97703:23:12.0
1409Jeff TREADWELLCentro Fondo M108803:28:43.0
1364Audrey KINGSLEYCentro Fondo F113303:30:53.0
1410Ron URLACHERCentro Fondo M129903:32:12.0
1347Rob FAIRHEADCentro Fondo M13101003:33:54.0
1353Dee HARRISCentro Fondo F144403:33:56.0
1397Conlan SEDERCentro Fondo M15111103:33:56.0
1369Ivanka KURANCentro Fondo F165503:37:39.0
1357Amy HOFERCentro Fondo F176603:37:42.0
1354Michael HENDRICKSCentro Fondo M18121203:40:39.0
1408Melissa TOPPINGCentro Fondo F197703:40:52.0
1340John CROFTCentro Fondo M20131303:41:05.0
1330Peter BISHOPCentro Fondo M21141403:41:07.0
1456Rob MURRAYCentro Fondo M22151503:42:15.0
1375Nicola MCLACHLANCentro Fondo F238803:42:39.0
1349Matt FITTERERCentro Fondo M24161603:45:12.0
1371Christopher LARGECentro Fondo M25171703:49:37.0
1373Doug LODMILLCentro Fondo M26181703:49:37.0
1350Natalie GOULETCentro Fondo F279903:50:31.0
1453Paul MORONEYCentro Fondo M28191803:50:32.0
1454Pearse MORONEYCentro Fondo M29201903:50:38.0
1326Krista ADAMSONCentro Fondo F30101003:53:34.0
1078Lance HURSHCentro Fondo M31212003:54:39.0
1077Kristy HURSHCentro Fondo F32111103:54:39.0
1413Kristy WINGERTERCentro Fondo F33121203:54:41.0
1396Robert SAKNITCentro Fondo M34222103:55:50.0
1012Ryan BOEGHCentro Fondo M35232203:56:04.0
1341Sarah DAVISCentro Fondo F36131303:57:36.0
1335Larry CASTORCentro Fondo M37242304:00:08.0
1328Svante ANDERSSONCentro Fondo M38252404:00:13.0
1370Melia LANGDONCentro Fondo F39141404:01:31.0
1342Brenda DAYCentro Fondo F40151504:05:27.0

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Name: Coeur d'Fondo
Date: 2018-09-22
Location: Coeur d'Alene, ID
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