Hayden Lake Marathon

2018-10-13 • Quarter Marathon

121 Participants • 95 Women • 26 Men

Average Time: 01:19:38
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
1613Daniel CLARK1/4 Marathon M Overall Winner11100:45:51.4
1535Suzanne ENDSLEY1/4 Marathon F Overall Winner21100:47:37.5
1561Riley STEVENS1/4 Marathon M Overall Winner32200:49:10.9
1606Janelle WARNICK1/4 Marathon F Overall Winner42200:50:09.5
2149Dawn VRENTASQuarter Marathon F 30-3953100:50:16.7
1580Sheila LIEN1/4 Marathon F Overall Winner64300:51:05.4
1575Pam SCHIEMERQuarter Marathon F 50-5975100:51:25.9
1530Gil JACKSON1/4 Marathon M Overall Winner83300:51:33.8
1576Greg HARTQuarter Marathon M 40-4994100:52:25.8
1553Jennifer STRAUGHANQuarter Marathon F 60-69106100:53:05.4
1508Mark KINGQuarter Marathon M 60-69115100:54:20.2
1507Katie ANDERSONQuarter Marathon F 30-39127200:54:20.4
1608Crystal JENSENQuarter Marathon F 30-39138300:55:19.5
1605Angela WOODQuarter Marathon F 40-49149100:55:48.9
1551Albert MACKQuarter Marathon M 30-39156100:56:05.6
1603Eric STEIGERWALDQuarter Marathon M 60-69167200:56:23.5
1574Charlie LINDERQuarter Marathon M 30-39178200:57:33.6
1614Marcus TORGENSONQuarter Marathon M 40-49189200:57:37.4
1564Jeff JENSENQuarter Marathon M 40-491910300:57:37.9
1600Breland TOMMERUPQuarter Marathon F 30-392010400:58:58.0
1579Hannah ALEXANDERQuarter Marathon F 19-292111100:59:26.2
1609Carly REISGAARDQuarter Marathon F 40-492212201:00:13.6
1602Vanessa OHMESQuarter Marathon F 40-492313301:00:46.4
1601Katie WELLSQuarter Marathon F 30-392414501:01:45.4
1616Paul STEPHANISQuarter Marathon M 50-592511101:01:58.3
1532Michelle CARPENTERQuarter Marathon F 30-392615601:01:59.8
1545Deborah SILVAQuarter Marathon F 60-692716201:03:07.1
1524Shannon HALL-BURNSIDEQuarter Marathon F 40-492817401:03:22.4
1537Kari VANDENBOSCHQuarter Marathon F 40-492918501:03:50.1
1589Summer HALLANDQuarter Marathon F 30-393019701:04:15.7
1596Sarah SWANBYQuarter Marathon F 40-493120601:04:16.1
1563Toni ANDERSONQuarter Marathon F 30-393221801:04:31.0
1525Richard SHELVOCKQuarter Marathon M 50-593312201:04:52.3
1506Kimberly HORGANQuarter Marathon F 30-393422901:05:26.2
2005Christine GUENTHERQuarter Marathon F 30-3935231001:05:57.3
1504Chassidy NELSONQuarter Marathon F 30-3936241101:06:01.3
1590Christy MARKHAMQuarter Marathon F 30-3937251201:06:09.8
1528Tawny GONZALEZQuarter Marathon F 30-3938261301:06:28.2
1599Staci GROGANQuarter Marathon F 19-293927201:06:33.0
1536Beatrice ROGERQuarter Marathon F 30-3940281401:06:53.4

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Name: Hayden Lake Marathon
Date: 2018-10-13
Location: Hayden Lake, ID
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