March for the Fallen

2018-09-08 • Team Non Competitive

17 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

Average Time: 01:25:10
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
165Daniel AGUINAGATeam Non Competitive11100:26:35.2
494Gabe THOMPSONTeam Non Competitive22200:38:18.4
280Roxanne FREDERICKSENTeam Non Competitive33300:38:22.4
495Kelly THOMPSONTeam Non Competitive44400:38:51.4
387Alyssa PATRICKTeam Non Competitive55500:38:51.8
395Wylie RHOADSTeam Non Competitive66600:42:58.5
476Summer SAMSONTeam Non Competitive77700:43:00.3
169Celia BEECH-SCOTTTeam Non Competitive88800:43:01.6
350Pam HYDRICKTeam Non Competitive99900:43:10.0
279Shiann FRANKLINTeam Non Competitive10101000:43:11.6
182Anthony BUCKTeam Non Competitive11111100:43:15.0
1272Eduardo GARZATeam Non Competitive12121201:55:42.8
396Anita RICHARDSONTeam Non Competitive13131302:58:24.7
382Selene MENDETeam Non Competitive14141402:58:25.2
397Nick RICHARDSONTeam Non Competitive15151502:58:31.0
370Dave LUCASTeam Non Competitive16161602:58:31.9
392Shawn POOLETeam Non Competitive17171702:58:35.9

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