CV Active 4 Youth Cross Country U High Meet #1

2018-10-03 • 1 Mile

391 Participants • 170 Women • 221 Men

Average Time: 00:08:49
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryaffiliationCat. PlaceFinish
8683Darren UBoys WheelchairSOUTH PINES100:05:34.0
8694Gavin A5th Grade BoysCHESTER100:05:35.9
5768Leyton H4th Grade BoysSOUTH PINES100:05:36.2
5772Ethan B5th Grade BoysSOUTH PINES200:05:37.3
5625Brett B4th Grade BoysPONDEROSA200:05:41.3
5905Rebecca B4th Grade GirlsUNIVERSITY100:05:42.4
8696Alden C5th Grade BoysCHESTER300:05:42.8
4783Lill H5th Grade GirlsCHESTER100:06:03.1
5500Ryan L3rd Grade BoysOPPORTUNITY100:06:05.9
5365Ashton V5th Grade BoysUNIVERSITY400:06:08.0
4779Kla R5th Grade GirlsCHESTER200:06:08.2
4752Maknna D5th Grade GirlsCHESTER300:06:08.4
5293Carter L2nd Grade BoysMCDONALD100:06:08.4
5417Nathan G5th Grade BoysMCDONALD500:06:09.2
5357Samara W5th Grade GirlsUNIVERSITY400:06:12.7
4789Ashln A5th Grade GirlsCHESTER500:06:14.8
8695Hunter B5th Grade BoysCHESTER600:06:16.6
5421Luke T5th Grade BoysMCDONALD700:06:16.8
4740Colton M3rd Grade BoysCHESTER200:06:18.8
5585Fischer D2nd Grade BoysPONDEROSA200:06:20.2
4720Leighton A2nd Grade BoysCHESTER300:06:20.4
5645Samuel M5th Grade BoysPONDEROSA800:06:21.0
5412Chloe N5th Grade GirlsMCDONALD600:06:21.7
4717Colton R2nd Grade BoysCHESTER400:06:23.2
4735Grad M3rd Grade BoysCHESTER300:06:30.8
5609Graham C3rd Grade BoysPONDEROSA400:06:30.9
4794Cole H5th Grade BoysCHESTER900:06:32.2
4741Mairead W4th Grade GirlsCHESTER200:06:33.5
5424Brandon V5th Grade BoysMCDONALD1000:06:35.1
5607Noah K3rd Grade BoysPONDEROSA500:06:35.2
5355Addison C4th Grade GirlsUNIVERSITY300:06:35.4
5299Owen M3rd Grade BoysMCDONALD600:06:35.7
8692Owen M5th Grade BoysCHESTER1100:06:36.1
4730Owen C3rd Grade BoysCHESTER700:06:37.0
5778Ayden C5th Grade BoysSOUTH PINES1200:06:37.0
5766* **4th Grade BoysSOUTH PINES300:06:37.5
5296Ainsley M3rd Grade GirlsMCDONALD100:06:38.6
5507Chase S3rd Grade BoysOPPORTUNITY800:06:38.9
5947Jason D3rd Grade BoysUNIVERSITY900:06:39.3
4734Bralen D3rd Grade BoysCHESTER1000:06:40.1

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Name: CV Active 4 Youth Cross Country U High Meet #1
Date: 2018-10-03
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