CV Active 4 Youth Cross Country Central Valley Meet #1

2018-10-02 • 1 Mile

572 Participants • 273 Women • 299 Men

Average Time: 00:10:03
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryaffiliationCat. PlaceFinish
8566Averie B3rd Grade GirlsSUNRISE100:02:17.9
8582Bowie L3rd Grade GirlsSUNRISE200:05:31.2
5451Carsyn G5th Grade GirlsSUMMIT100:06:26.7
8640Joseph H5th Grade BoysSUNRISE100:06:29.0
5098Caden S2nd Grade BoysLIBERTY CREEK100:06:51.8
4933Grant E5th Grade BoysGREENACRES200:06:53.8
5172Faith R4th Grade GirlsLIBERTY LAKE100:06:57.0
8594Carson S3rd Grade BoysSUNRISE100:07:00.3
8623Grace S4th Grade GirlsSUNRISE200:07:02.6
8615Beckam L4th Grade BoysSUNRISE100:07:03.5
5243Charlie L5th Grade BoysLIBERTY LAKE300:07:04.1
8609Logan H4th Grade BoysSUNRISE200:07:06.0
5445Koah L4th Grade BoysSUMMIT300:07:06.1
5392Toby E5th Grade BoysRIVERBEND400:07:07.6
5328Ben C3rd Grade BoysSUMMIT200:07:11.2
8587Ryder O3rd Grade BoysSUNRISE300:07:14.4
5177Lydia L4th Grade GirlsLIBERTY LAKE300:07:15.4
5170Ryan L4th Grade GirlsLIBERTY LAKE400:07:15.6
5452Chloe V5th Grade GirlsSUMMIT200:07:17.1
5244Landon S5th Grade BoysLIBERTY LAKE500:07:17.8
8550Daylen L2nd Grade BoysSUNRISE200:07:18.8
8608Evan G4th Grade BoysSUNRISE400:07:21.4
8600Charlie B4th Grade BoysSUNRISE500:07:21.7
8656John T5th Grade BoysSUNRISE600:07:22.5
5168Lily M4th Grade GirlsLIBERTY LAKE500:07:23.0
8607Adalyn D4th Grade GirlsSUNRISE600:07:23.1
5216Caitlin S5th Grade GirlsLIBERTY LAKE300:07:23.2
5343Cooper O2nd Grade BoysRIVERBEND300:07:23.3
5213Mckenna R5th Grade GirlsLIBERTY LAKE400:07:24.9
8648Samuel N5th Grade BoysSUNRISE700:07:24.9
8610Hailey J4th Grade GirlsSUNRISE700:07:25.8
5201Jameson M4th Grade BoysLIBERTY LAKE600:07:27.0
5220Sierra T5th Grade GirlsLIBERTY LAKE500:07:27.0
8620Trent R4th Grade BoysSUNRISE700:07:27.2
8647Mackenzie M5th Grade GirlsSUNRISE600:07:27.6
5252Zackary S5th Grade BoysLIBERTY LAKE800:07:28.9
8621Turner R4th Grade BoysSUNRISE800:07:29.0
8557Mj S2nd Grade BoysSUNRISE400:07:29.3
5238Micah H5th Grade BoysLIBERTY LAKE900:07:29.5
8637Cooper D5th Grade BoysSUNRISE1000:07:29.8

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Name: CV Active 4 Youth Cross Country Central Valley Meet #1
Date: 2018-10-02
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