WV Active 4 Youth Cross Country West Valley Meet #1

2018-10-01 • 1/2 Mile

54 Participants • 12 Women • 42 Men

Average Time: 00:05:33
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryaffiliationCat. PlaceFinish
6134Keagen P1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysPASADENA PARK100:03:38.6
6128Laytin H1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysPASADENA PARK200:03:43.1
6244Jedidiah H1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysSETH WOODARD300:03:45.6
6066Saleel G1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysORCHARD CENTER400:03:56.5
6072Harley F1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysORCHARD CENTER500:03:59.7
6248Calin B1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysSETH WOODARD600:04:09.0
6139Gavin W1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysPASADENA PARK700:04:24.5
6121Benjamin C1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysPASADENA PARK800:04:29.1
6243Tevye C1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysSETH WOODARD900:04:29.7
6133Haven M1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysPASADENA PARK1000:04:30.6
6138Asher W1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysPASADENA PARK1100:04:31.8
6246Laith S1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysSETH WOODARD1200:04:32.0
6032Paisley K1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsNESS100:04:35.9
6137Brixton S1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysPASADENA PARK1300:04:37.1
6029Alic M1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysNESS1400:04:38.1
6126Ezra G1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysPASADENA PARK1500:04:38.5
6127Vivianne H1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsPASADENA PARK200:04:40.3
6249Jonah S1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysSETH WOODARD1600:04:40.9
6003Rosella M1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsNESS300:04:44.1
6070David P1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysORCHARD CENTER1700:04:51.7
6129Colin H1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysPASADENA PARK1800:04:58.7
6242Bella M1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsSETH WOODARD400:05:13.0
6252Nathan W1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysSETH WOODARD1900:05:14.5
6132Landon L1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysPASADENA PARK2000:05:16.7
6064Chayanne M1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsORCHARD CENTER500:05:25.0
6136Leland R1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysPASADENA PARK2100:05:26.8
6255Theron P1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysSETH WOODARD2200:05:30.8
5983Dayton W1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysORCHARD CENTER2300:05:32.1
6241Madilynn Y1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsSETH WOODARD600:05:35.3
6122Brantley C1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysPASADENA PARK2400:06:00.9
6071Hunter D1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysORCHARD CENTER2500:06:02.9
6067Reylen R1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysORCHARD CENTER2600:06:03.4
6254Dillon S1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysSETH WOODARD2700:06:04.9
6065* **1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysORCHARD CENTER2800:06:05.3
6069Gavin S1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysORCHARD CENTER2900:06:16.1
6116* **1st Grade/Kindergarten GirlsPASADENA PARK700:06:21.7
6123Callen C1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysPASADENA PARK3000:06:22.2
5982Nicholas H1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysORCHARD CENTER3100:06:22.5
6118Jackson A1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysPASADENA PARK3200:06:23.8
6245Maximus J1st Grade/Kindergarten BoysSETH WOODARD3300:06:26.6

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Name: WV Active 4 Youth Cross Country West Valley Meet #1
Date: 2018-10-01
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