SPS Active 4 Youth Cross Country Grant Park Meet 10.8

2018-10-08 • 1 Mile

569 Participants • 289 Women • 280 Men

Average Time: 00:09:27
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryaffiliationCat. PlaceFinish
1452Olivia H6th Grade GirlsHAMBLEN
2143Noah D6th Grade BoysODYSSEY
3417Colin S6th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD100:06:26.3
1434Brian M5th Grade BoysHAMBLEN100:06:34.7
3385Jake W5th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD200:06:36.9
2311Ryan T6th Grade BoysLINCOLN HEIGHTS200:06:43.7
2304Landon H6th Grade BoysLINCOLN HEIGHTS300:06:44.0
3404Cole B6th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD400:06:47.2
2142Wyatt D6th Grade BoysODYSSEY500:06:50.4
3373Nikko A5th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD300:06:50.7
3220Paxton O5th Grade BoysMORAN PRAIRIE400:06:56.5
3234Austin A6th Grade BoysMORAN PRAIRIE600:06:56.8
1400Victor I4th Grade BoysHAMBLEN100:06:57.5
3210Finnegan C5th Grade BoysMORAN PRAIRIE500:06:58.3
1429Hunter J5th Grade BoysHAMBLEN600:06:58.5
1395Teagan E4th Grade GirlsHAMBLEN100:06:59.3
3382Gage V5th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD700:06:59.4
3420Gewen B6th Grade GirlsMULLAN ROAD100:07:02.6
3286Marcus J2nd Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD100:07:03.7
1370Morgan Y2nd Grade BoysHAMBLEN200:07:08.6
3233Elyse W6th Grade GirlsMORAN PRAIRIE200:07:12.3
3414Dakota P6th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD700:07:12.4
3379Logan M5th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD800:07:13.7
3419Parker W6th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD800:07:14.3
3411Elias J6th Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD900:07:14.8
3167Chase P3rd Grade BoysMORAN PRAIRIE100:07:15.9
1606Trevor V5th Grade BoysODYSSEY900:07:16.1
1465Blake W6th Grade BoysHAMBLEN1000:07:18.3
3235Cannon D6th Grade BoysMORAN PRAIRIE1100:07:19.1
1592Micah O5th Grade BoysODYSSEY1000:07:19.7
37Theo G5th Grade BoysADAMS1100:07:19.9
1425Bryce W4th Grade BoysHAMBLEN200:07:20.5
3226Kayla J6th Grade GirlsMORAN PRAIRIE300:07:20.9
3163* **3rd Grade BoysMORAN PRAIRIE200:07:21.2
3208Grace W5th Grade GirlsMORAN PRAIRIE100:07:22.3
1151Cale S6th Grade GirlsFRANKLIN400:07:23.6
3424Adoniah G6th Grade GirlsMULLAN ROAD500:07:23.9
3192Parker L4th Grade BoysMORAN PRAIRIE300:07:24.3
3347Makenna V3rd Grade GirlsMULLAN ROAD100:07:24.7
3165Raymond H3rd Grade BoysMORAN PRAIRIE300:07:24.9

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Name: SPS Active 4 Youth Cross Country Grant Park Meet 10.8
Date: 2018-10-08
Location: Spokane, WA
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